7. Amelia to Peter Andre (singer). Joins half-siblings Junior and Princess. (TAUNTON, ENGLAND)

10. Christina Sophie to Karel Mark Chichon (conductor). Joins sister Catherine.

17. Mia Grace to Mike (rugby player) and Zara Tindall (equestrian). (GLOUCESTERSHIRE, ENGLAND)


10. Anaiya to Nadine Coyle (singer) and Jason Bell (american football player).

11. Siena to Eve Myles (actress). Joins sister Matilda.

14. Eric to Simon Cowell (music mogul). Joins half -brother Adam.

17. Bobbi-Rayne to Scott Robinson (singer). Twin to Kaydi-Rose and joins brothers Brennan and Kavan.

17. Kaydi-Rose to Scott Robinson (singer). Twin to Bobbi-Rayne and joins brothers Brennan and Kavan.

28. Aaron Jay to Michelle Heaton (singer). Joins sister Faith.


4. Lola Fleur to Jonjo Shelvey (footballer). (SWANSEA, WALES)

6. Bridget Monroe to Rosie Pope (reality TV star). Joins siblings James, Wellington and Vivienne. (NEW YORK CITY, USA)

13. Buzz Michaelangelo to Tom Fletcher (musician).

17. Sophie to Tamara Ecclestone (socialite). (LONDON, ENGLAND)

? Belle Elizabeth to Katie Piper (philanthropist).


1. Minnie Blossom to Rachel Stevens (singer). Joins sister Amelie.

4. Dylan-Jorge Rose to Kerry Katona (TV personality). Joins half-siblings Molly, Lilly-Sue, Heidi and Max.

17. Winston to Idris Elba (actor). Joins sister Isan. (LONDON, ENGLAND)


18. Ezra (g) to Assisi Jackson (socialite, grandaughter of Mick Jagger).

23. Lamaisah to Amir Khan (boxer).


? Otis Sonny David to Leah Wood (model/singer). Joins sister Maggie.


9. Nelly Samantha to Billie Faiers (reality TV star).

17. Reggie to Jessica Ennis-Hill (Olympic heptathlon gold medallist). (SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND)


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