8. Marnie Rose to Lily Allen (singer). Joins sister Ethel. (CRANHAM, ENGLAND)

9. Harry to Chris Bisson (TV soap star). (LONDON, ENGLAND)

11. Elijah Joseph Daniel to Elton John (singer). Joins brother Zachary. (LAS VEGAS, USA)

12. Leo to Gary Cahill (footballer). Joins sister Freya. (LONDON, ENGLAND)

19. Leo to Eden Hazard (Belgian footballer). Joins brother Yanis. (LONDON, ENGLAND)

19. Aaron to Alasdair Strokosch (rugby player). Joins sister Laila. (PERPIGNAN, FRANCE)

20. Noah to Peter Osaze Odemwingie (footballer). (BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND)

20. Blake (g) to Jenny Frost (singer/ TV presenter). Twin to Nico, joins brother Blake. (IBIZA, SPAIN)

20. Nico (g) to Jenny Frost (singer/ TV presenter). Twin to Blake, joins brother Blake. (IBIZA, SPAIN)

30. Grayson to Luke O’Brien (footballer). Joins sister Madison. (OXFORD, ENGLAND)


1. Noah to Laurent Koscielny (French footballer). Joins sister Raina. (LONDON, ENGLAND)

2. Lukasz to Mark Hanratty (pairs skaters). (NOTTINGHAMSHIRE, ENGLAND)

3. Benjamin Anthony to Rachel Tucker (Irish singer). (LONDON, ENGLAND)

9. Luciana to Guillermo Ochoa (footballer). (LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND)

11. Ariana Siena to Imogen Thomas (TV personality/model). (LONDON, ENGLAND)

12. Lula Rosylea to Bryan Adams (singer). Joins sister Mirabella. (LONDON, ENGLAND)

15. Eva Madelief Russell to Joanna Page (actress). (LONDON, ENGLAND)

20. Ava Rose to Richard Rawson (rapper). (LONDON, ENGLAND)

21. Rex Rayne to Fearne Cotton (radio DJ). Joins half-siblings Arthur and Lola. (LONDON, ENGLAND)

23. Max to Tony Lundon (pop singer). Twin to Rioghan and joins brother Leo. (LONDON, ENGLAND)

23. Rioghan to Tony Lundon (pop singer). Twin to Max and joins brother Leo. (LONDON, ENGLAND)

27. Spike to Edith Bowman (radio DJ). Joins brother Rudy. (LONDON, ENGLAND)

28. Lavinia to Petra Ecclestone (socialite). (LONDON, ENGLAND)

? Zarah to Richard Whitehead (marathon runner). (ENGLAND)


4. Margot to Jamie Cullum (musician) and Sophie Dahl (presenter/model). Joins sister Lyra. (LONDON, ENGLAND)

20. Florence Aurelia Alice to Jake Humphrey (presenter). (LONDON, ENGLAND)

21. ? to Nell McAndrew (model). Joins brother Devon. (LONDON, ENGLAND)

23. Tiago to Pepe Reina (Spanish footballer). Joins siblings Grecia, Alma and Luca. (LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND)

26. Milo to Francisco Lackowski (Brazilian model). (LONDON, ENGLAND)


6. Sage Lavinia to Jack Huston (actor). (NEW YORK CITY, USA)

9. India to Santi Cazorla (Spanish footballer). Joins brother Enzo. (LONDON, ENGLAND)

20. Gilbert to Gareth Malone (choirmaster). Joins sister Esther. (LONDON, ENGLAND)

20. Edward James to Eva Herzigova (Czech model). Joins brother George and Philipe. (LONDON, ENGLAND)

24. Phaedra Bloom Forever to Peaches Geldof (presenter) and Max Cohen (musician). Joins brother Astala. (LONDON, ENGLAND)

30. Ruaridh to Alastair Kellock (rugby player). Joins sister Kate. (BEARSDEN, SCOTLAND)


2. Wilfred to David Tennant and Georgia Moffett (actors). Joins siblings Olive and Tyler. (LONDON, ENGLAND)

2. Harvey to David Millar (Scottish cyclist). Joins brother Archibald. (GIRONA, SPAIN)

3. Natalia to Carl Froch (boxer). Joins brother Rocco. (NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND)

5. Alfred to David Walliams (comedian). (LONDON, ENGLAND)

7. Logan James to Kirsty McCabe (weather presenter). Joins brother Ethan. (GLASGOW, SCOTLAND)

13. Lyla Primrose to Max Brown (boxer). (LONDON, ENGLAND)

20. ? to Annie Mac and Toddla T (radio DJs). (LONDON, ENGLAND)

21. Sienna Mae to Davide Santon (Italian footballer). (NEWCASTLE, ENGLAND)

21. Klay Anthony to Wayne Rooney (footballer) and Coleen Rooney (TV personality). Joins brother Kai. (MANCHESTER, ENGLAND)

22. Jamie Jeane to Tim Lovejoy (sports reporter). Joins sisters Grace and Rose. (BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, ENGLAND)


7. Nevaeh Rose to Tom Cleverley (footballer) and Georgina Dorsett (reality star). (MANCHESTER, ENGLAND)

12. Tallulah Anais to Marsha Thomason (actress). (NEW YORK CITY, USA)

14. Lola May to Matt Banahan (rugby player). Joins brother Joseph. (BATH, ENGLAND)

18. Jade to Olivier Giroud (French footballer). (LONDON, ENGLAND)

19. Keziah to Michael Underwood and Angellica Bell (TV presenters). Joins brother Elijah. (KINGSTON-UPON-THAMES, ENGLAND)

19. Maxwell Geoffrey to Tim Bresnan (cricketeer). (YORKSHIRE, ENGLAND)

25. Tomas to Tomas Rosicky (Czech footballer). (LONDON, ENGLAND)

27. Delilah Rose to Danielle Mason (reality TV star). Joins brother Rudy. (LONDON, ENGLAND)

27. Louisa Marie to Sarah Storey (paralympic cyclish). (MANCHESTER, ENGLAND)

28. Matthew Josiah to Fabrice Muamba (footballer). Joins brother Joshua. (CHESHIRE, ENGLAND)

29. Florence Elizabeth to Jon Norfolk (cycling track coach). (MANCHESTER, ENGLAND)


2. Leo Joe to Paddy McGuiness (comedian). Twin to Penelope. (LONDON, ENGLAND)

2. Penelope Patricia to Paddy McGuiness (comedian). Twin to Leo. (LONDON, ENGLAND)

3. Katerien to Ernst Joubert (South African rugby player). (LONDON, ENGLAND)

4. Elexa to Jordan Henderson (footballer). (LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND)

5. Koa Noel to Keith Lulia (Australian rugby player). (BRADFORD, ENGLAND)

9. Harry to Jennifer Ellison (actress). Joins brother Bobby and half-sisters Chloe and Sophie. (LONDON, ENGLAND)

11. Hallie Rae to Thomas Ince (footballer). (BLACKPOOL, ENGLAND)

15. Jacobi to Katy Cavanagh (soap actress). Joins siblings Noah and Emma. (MANCHESTER, ENGLAND)

16. Maxwell Robin John to R.J Gibb (musician). (LONDON, ENGLAND)

19. Lottie to Amanda Lamb (TV presenter). Joins sister Willow Rose. (LONDON, ENGLAND)

22. Prince George Alexander Louis to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. (LONDON, ENGLAND)

31. Fearne Grace to Ricky Hatton (boxer). Joins siblings Campbell and Millie Meg. (MANCHESTER, ENGLAND)

? Dolly to Zac Goldsmith (politician). Joins siblings Uma, Thyra and James. (LONDON, ENGLAND)


1. Rosabella to Peter Stringfellow (nightclub owner). Joins half-siblings Karen and Scott. (LONDON, ENGLAND)

5. Ayden Gideon to Johnson Beharry (war veteran). (LONDON, ENGLAND)

8. Bella Rose to Rickie Lambert (footballer). Joins brothers Carter and Maison. (SOUTHAMPTON, ENGLAND)

11. Max Peter to Leon Haslam (motorbike racer). Joins sister Ava May. (DERBYSHIRE, ENGLAND)

12. Jett Riviera to Katie Price (model). Joins half-siblings Harvey, Junior and Princess. (PALMA DE MAJORCA, SPAIN)

15. Maud Elizabeth Daphne Marina to Sophie Winkleman (actress) and Lord Frederick Windsor. (LOS ANGELES, USA)

18. Jude to James Buckley (actor). Joins brother Harrison. (LONDON, ENGLAND)

26. Mila to Horatio Agulla (Argentine rugby player). (BATH, ENGLAND)

27. Raff to Thomas Vermaelen (Dutch footballer) and Polly Parsons (TV presenter). (LONDON, ENGLAND)

27. Sacha (b) to Louise Eckland (British-French TV presenter). (PARIS, FRANCE)

29. George to Danielle Lloyd (model/ TV presenter) and Jamie O’Hara (footballer). Joins brothers Harry and Archie. (LONDON, ENGLAND)


1. Charlize to Yohan Cabaye (French footballer). Joins sister Myla. (NEWCASTLE, ENGLAND)

3. Rose to David Nugent (footballer). (PORTSMOUTH, ENGLAND)

4. Emily to Jo Pavey (distance runner). Joins brother Jacob. (EXETER, ENGLAND)

7. Sienna Rae to  Alan Halsall and Lucy-Jo Hudson (soap actors). (MANCHESTER, ENGLAND)

19. Matteo to Vincent Simone (dancer). Joins brother Luca. (LONDON, ENGLAND)

20. William James to Anna Watkins (Olympic rowing gold medallist). (WOKINGHAM, ENGLAND)

26. Delilah Grace to Jack Wilshere (footballer). Joins brother Archie Jack. (LONDON, ENGLAND)

26. Benjamin to Luis Suarez (Uruguayan footballer). Joins sister Delfina. (LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND)

27. Jake Elijah to Jonathan Rea (Northern Irish cyclist). (CASTLETOWN, ISLE OF MAN)


1. Azura Sienna to Alesha Dixon (singer). (LONDON, ENGLAND)

1. Mason Mac to Ashley Taylor Dawson (actor/singer). Joins brother Buddy. (LONDON, ENGLAND)

10. Tullio Jahan to Oona King (politician). Joins siblings Elia, Kaia and Ariel. (LONDON, ENGLAND)

18. Parker to Frankie Sandford (singer) and Wayne Bridges (footballer). Joins half-brother Jayden. (LONDON, ENGLAND)

18. Valentina to Lucas Leiva (Brazilian footballer). Joins brother Pedro. (LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND)

24. Edward ‘Bear’ to Cherry Healey (TV presenter) and Rory Allen (ex-footballer). Joins sister Coco. (LONDON, ENGLAND)


14. Peiyton to Leroy Cudjoe (rugby player). Joins brother Oisin. (HUDDERSFIELD, ENGLAND)

15. Millie Grace to Tom Sykes (motorbike racer). (LEAMINGTON SPA, ENGLAND)

21. Luka Violet Toni to Holly Valance Candy (singer). (LONDON, ENGLAND)

28. Princeton J. Alexander to JJ Hamblett (pop singer). (LONDON, ENGLAND)

30. Maisie Grace to Adam Hills (comedian). Joins sister Beatrice. (LONDON, ENGLAND)


7. Bear to Kate Winslet (actress) and Ned Rocknroll. Joins siblings Mia and Joe. (SUSSEX, ENGLAND)

13. Avya Loveen Kaur to Jay Sean (R&B singer). (LONDON, ENGLAND)

15. Flame to Tina Malone (actress). Joins half-sister Dannielle. (LONDON, ENGLAND)

17. Reuben to Jack Shepherd (soap actor). Joins siblings Nyla and Greyson. (MANCHESTER, ENGLAND)

22. Andrew Lennox Marshall to Duncan Hames and Jo Swinson (politicians). (CHIPPENHAM, ENGLAND)


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