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Spot of the Week: French Bowling

Something strange has been happening this week: I seem to constantly be mixing up the names of two friends. To be fair, they’re pretty similar-ish: Dan and Rob, but it has been infuriating me no end to catch myself addressing them by the wrong name. Especially since I’ve always had a knack for getting names right.


In other news, my pregnant friend lamented on facebook this week about picking a name for her Spring baby. She knows she’s expecting a girl, and mentions in the post that the frontrunner is Eva. However, other names suggested to them by people’s comments included:

  • Amelia (already know a little girl by the name)
  • Madison (didn’t want to be the mum that insists it’s Madison, not Maddie)
  • Survanna (commenter possibly meant Savannah)
  • Lexy (mentioned twice  by two separate people, and both used this spelling)
  • Lola (liked, but thought it was too close to Layla, an they already know someone with that name)
  • Phoebe
  • Grace, Scarlett (lady suggesting these said after that you could tell that she’s old)
  • Sophia
  • Erin

I found it somewhat fascinating that all of the above names were in the Top 100 in England&Wales in 2011, aside from Savannah (and technically that spelling of Lexy).

And for this week’s picture, it comes courtesy of a French friend:

What names people use when bowling is a mini-fascinating for me, and true to form, in the picture above three of the four are using nicknames on the scorecard as opposed to their actual names. As for the other three, care to guess what names they’re short for?

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Spot of the Week: Eating Habits

First off, congratulations are in order to my friend Philippa who just this morning welcomed a little girl into the world, whom she named Annabelle Grace.

My generation of friends are clearly beginning to hit baby-making years, as a really rather close friend finds out tomorrow whether she’s carrying a boy or girl.

Exciting times, indeed.

Now, the even bigger news of the week comes along the lines of when I visited Costa coffee, and discovered they currently sell giant custard creams and Bourbon biscuits. Now, it just so happened that the guy I was with was already in the process of buying our drinks by the time I took note of the display. Since he was paying as a birthday treat for me, I didn’t get one, but I’m determined to try them at some stage.

The link to names is that I’ve been wondering since the Costa coffee trip why the Bourbon biscuits are known as such, and so far I’ve seen a few theories; a popular one referring to a family known as House of Bourbon from Europe.

The thing to note for those unfamiliar which the delightful tea time snack is that bourbon biscuits do not have a drop of bourbon [the drink] in them. Custard creams, incidentally, taste more like vanilla than custard in my opinion; and trust me, I munch through FAR too many custard creams.

This week’s picture is a rather exciting one: it’s a picture of the bag of sugar that fuels my out of control Weetabix habit:


As featuring my latest packet of custard creams in the background, rather befittingly. Anyways, as you can see, the brand name is Tate&Lyle, and I couldn’t help but note how similar the two names were.

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Spot of the Week: Friends&Names

After compiling together this post, I couldn’t help but notice that in one way or another a friend was involved in each one of the inspirations.

I have a friend called Siobhan, and made a passing mention of her the other day whilst in the presence of another friend, who promptly turned around and said this:

Who is he then?


Not sure I’ve ever come across the concept of Siobhan being a male name, but there we go. However, if you only have half an ear on the conversation, I guess it’s easy enough to mishear Siobhan as perhaps Sean.

Another friend of mine also commented this week about how happy she was to be served in a shop by a man named Edgar, because, as I quote:

you never see anyone these days with the name Edgar!

Since it’s the start of Advent Calendar season, we’re pulling out a Christmas-y themed picture to celebrate:


There are certain members of my family who happen to be obsessed with John Lewis, specifically with their uh-may-zing Christmas adverts. Seriously, who’d have thought we could all get emotional about a snowman buying a present? (although my Brosnan friend insists that last year’s offering made him cry more).

Anyway, John Lewis came up in conversation this week with a friend, and they were really rather surprised to discover from me that there was actually someone named John Lewis who kicked the whole business off.

Rather like how Cadburys was founded by John Cadbury, and Boots by John Boot.

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Spot of the Week: NaNoWriMo

This whole month I’ve been participating in NaNoWriMo (that’s National Novel Writing Month), where the aim is the write 50,000 words during the course of the month of November.

Last night I went to a bookshop in London for an all-night lock-in event, with a total of 6 hours writing times interspersed with games and general socialising. Each sprint lasted around 40 minutes, and it’s worth a mention because my writing was quite literally everywhere, with random character turning up for one sentence before never again being seen. During the sprints, I had to type quickly and efficiently so these types of characters ended up with the first names that came to mind, which were thusly: Rex; Jonjo; Betty; Teddy; Vox; and Wren.

I also had one of the other people at the bookshop comment to me that they’d spent the previous sprint choosing a name for one of their characters, rather than writing.

This week’s picture is a little old, as anyone who closely follows football will immediately note, but it caught my eye the other day as it got me to think about the possibility of the name Swan. Plausible?


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Spot of the Week: French films

I’m afraid this’ll be a short’n’sweet post this week, but hey ho.

The first thing I really wanted to mention is that I recently sat down to watch a superb French film by the name Banlieue 13, and it’s worthy of note for the name of the main character: Leïto. If I remember correctly, his name was said something like lay-tow.

Last night, I took my sister to Strictly Come Dancing live at Wembley, and this is how the stage looked when we took our seats for the show:


Holla Clover.

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Spot of the Week: Bell Ringing & Bond

A friend of mine is very much into church bell ringing, and tired of constantly having no idea what he was saying I decided to do what everyone these days does when confused: I asked google.

To be honest, I’m still no expert but things are starting to fall in to place for me. Did you know that 12 bells are called Maximus?

That’s my tenuous link to names.

Come back in a few weeks and I might be able to impart further wisdom on bell ringing.

I went along to watch the newest Bond film finally on Wednesday, and woah! ’tis pretty awesome. One of the Bond girls in the film bears the name Sévérine, whilst the other is called Eve – and then a lovely Scottish bloke turns up with the name Kincade.

Another fun fact to mention is that Dame Judi Dench (who plays M) has one daughter, who just so happens to bear Cressida as a middle name.

This week’s pictures are of some free sunglasses I was handed recently, which just so happen to have Sakura emblazoned upon their side.

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Spot of the Week: Bonfire Night

Happy Bonfire Night to any celebrating, although strictly speaking my family had our annual party on the 3rd this year since I could only attend for that night.

This seems a good time in the year to therefore mention something about the names of fireworks, because usually the names of the fireworks are rather pointless, such as green storm or lightning bolt.

This year one of the fireworks had been bestowed the name missile frenzy, and to b e honest, it was a rather apt name since the firework was primed with 300 shots, and prompted fired them all in under a minute.

It’s nice that for once the fireworks didn’t have completely pointless names.

The reason behind why we celebrate Bonfire Night is a tale oft told, and for those who don’t know it goes along the lines of a group of angry catholics wanted to blow up parliament, and every year we celebrate their failure to do so.

Guy Fawkes was of course also known as Guido Fawkes, the name Guido being the latinised version of Wido which means wood/wide. As it so happens, the name Guy is also related to Wido.

This week’s picture is of the front of one of my newest possessions:


It got me thinking because the French word for phoenix is Phénix, and of course I couldn’t help but wonder what happens if French person wants to name their child after the mythical bird. I would never name a child cockatrice, but the French Cocatrix is delightfully pretty.

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Spot of the Week

I heard previously via the London Telegraph Announcements of people receiving the name Badger, but this week I came into contact with my first.

However, like many Badgers, it was simply just a nickname.

The other notable news from my part of the world concerns me befriending someone called Evan a couple of weeks ago, because this week he loudly complained that most people he meets and introduces himself to ‘correct’ his name to Euan or Ethan.

It’s funny, had I been born of the opposite gender my mother was pushing hard for me to be named Euan.

In the end, my mother had to sit back and use names my Dad had picked out.

Incidentally, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this or not but my father decided the other day that if my parents were to have a fifth child, they should name him Enrique or Barrie.

Presuming they have a boy, of course, although he did turn around to me the other day and demand to know why they didn’t think to call me Lacey instead of Lucy.

This week’s picture is thus, snapped at a random John Lewis branch recently by yours truly:

Truth be told, when I dubbed my sister with the name Ebba, I didn’t realise it was actually a name. Ebba also happens to be quite a popular name in Sweden.

Go figure.

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Spot of the Week: Blasphemous Pineapple

I watched Children of Men for the first time this week, which involved a lady called Kee giving birth to a baby. At one point in the film I’m pretty certain Kee wanted to name the baby Froley, and then Bazouka, before finally settling on Dylan.

When deciding on Dylan, she uttered quite a controversial line:

Dylan. I’ll call my baby Dylan. It’s a girl’s name, too.

Bear in mind this film is set in the near-future of 2027, so you never know.

The big news in my part of the world is to do with a pineapple called Mohammed. The freshers fayre at the University of Reading became somewhat more than a usual affair when the Reading Atheist and Humanist Society set up a stall in the marquee displaying a pineapple with the name tag Mohammed. Things kicked off when, predictably, Muslim students complained and the Student Union ended up throwing the society out of the fayre.

The bit that interests me most, however, is that in the reports of the event appear to seemingly switch between using Muhammad and Mohammed:

For those curious, the pineapple was infact called Mohammed:


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Spot of the Week: Radio 1

So today I officially moved down south to Reading, and during the 3 hour mostly-motorway journey I found myself tuning into Radio 1. Now, normally I’m a 5Live or Radio 2 girl, but since my car refuses to acknowledge the existence of 5Live and Simon Mayo wasn’t on Radio 2, in a moment of need I turned to Radio 1.

During the drive, a girl came on air to try and win tickets for some music awards show, and try as I might I couldn’t quite catch her name. I’m pretty sure it ended -ina, and I kept hearing her name as Thomasina.

Too much to hope for?

Elsewhere, this week I met two people who answer to Morgan. One was the 8ish-year old sister to newborn Evie, whilst the other was a strapping great big lad.

It’s almost the very definition of a unisex name if you can imagine two people of such extremes as those outlined above wearing the name well.

The picture this week comes from a train station platform I was stood on recently. I suspect it may be St. Pancras, but if you’re on the lookout for an obscure-ish male saints name and don’t fancy Pancras, what about Alban? The place called St. Albans is relatively well known, but people named Alban are few and far between.

Oh, and yes I was silently thrilled to discover that there’s a place called Flitwick.

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