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The Three Year Pause

So, um , yeah. Hi again. How’s everyone doing?

I can barely believe it’s been three years, time really does fly!

The reason I’ve been so silent for so long is very complicated, and involves an incident with some cabbages and gin.

Well, not really. That’s actually my NaNoWriMo theme this year. I actually don’t really have a good excuse for why I’ve not been posting. Life got busy, you know?

This past month I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this blog, and if I want to start writing again for it again. My life is very different these days to how it was when I first started it back in 2010.

For a start, I now have this thing called a career. Some of you may remember I went off to University to study chemistry. The punchline to that life decision was a I have since gone on to forge a career in marketing thatI’m now starting to really get into the groove of.

My job these days has less copywriting than before, so that now means I’m back to looking for a creative outlet. I’ve done NaNoWriMo for a few years now (feel free to buddy me #ShamelessSelfPromotion), but it’s not really a challenge for me anymore.

So, time to do some stuff on this blog. I can’t promise that I won’t disappear again but let’s have some fun for now.

Looking around at the state of things, I really need to do some serious tidying – I took a scroll through the sibset listings and wow, more than a handful of those families have grown since they were featured. So, that’s on the to-do list.

I also let my domain name lapse, so need to think about that. And my blog’s email account that I daren’t even look at out of shame. I may just create a new email address elsewhere to spare myself.

Also, more importantly, there’s been three Eurovisions since I last posted, and you bet I’m going to talk about all of them. I get 2015 Eurovision may not be *that* topical, but I have a so-what attitude these days.  I’m also in the throes of organising a trip to Lisbon next year, so the hype for Eurovision 2018 is very real.

Stay tuned for a new post actually about names in the coming days.

And there really will be one, it’s been scheduled already. Something I rarely ever used to do!

Bye for now 😉


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