Sibset of the Week: The Lynchs

Shane Lynch, via

Shane Lynch, via

For this week’s edition of Sibset of the Week, we’re looking for inspiration from a man connected to two B bands: Boyzone and B*witched, hence his selection as the end note to Week B.

Shane Lynch is a member of Boyzone, whilst his sisters Edele and Keavy are members of B*witched.

Irish boy band Boyzone have enjoyed incredible success in the UK, with 21 singles in the Top 40 chart, including six number one singles. In Ireland, they boast 22 singles in the charts, which includes nine number one singles. That gives them the title of being one of the most successful bands in Ireland and the UK., in fact, according to figures published by the Official Charts Company in 2012, Boyzone are the second most successful boy band in Britain, right behind Take That.

He married Sheena White in 2007, and together the pair have two daughters:

Billie Rae (b. 2007)

Marley Mae (b. 2012)

The names share similarities for two reasons: both are fairly gender neutral and of course, the rhyming middle names.

The name Billie has been slowly slipping down the rankings since his/her 90s heyday, these days ranking at #460  for the girls and #3822 for the boys.

It’s interesting to note that Marley ranks higher for boys than girls: #185 compared to #492. For both genders the name peaked in 2009, most likely as a direct result of the film Marley & Me, which was released in December 2008.

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