Sibset of the Week: The Dumbledores

As played by Richard Harris, via

As played by Richard Harris, via

It was originally my plan to resurrect this series of posts with today’s edition, but I got impatient last week and slipped in an extra post. However, I’m very much aware that the sibset series of posts were a favourite read of many, and it’s been on my agenda to properly resurrect it for long enough now, but until this week I’ve never seen a more apt opportunity as a finale to a week of A names.

The idea for this post came about whilst I was brainstorming Week A, as a certain family came to mind that I couldn’t not talk about as it features a trio of fabulous A names that I could’ve easily talked about. As you’ll have noted from the post’s title, we’re talking about the Dumbledores.

For those who don’t know, the Dumbledores hail from the fictional world of Harry Potter, where the eldest – Albus – is one of the central adult characters. He mentions his brother from time to time throughout the series (often alluding to his apparent lesser intellect), but it’s only in the final installment of the series that we also hear about a sister.

Their names ?

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian



Whilst all three names share a first letter, they all hail from different languages. The first, Albus, comes from Latin and means white/pure. Brother Aberforth instead hails from the Welsh language and means from the river, whilst sister Ariana comes from the Greek name Ariadne, thus means most holy.

Of the three names, only Ariana ranks in England&Wales: in 2013 she was given to 282 babes and attained the rank of #186. I’m calling it now that within the next five years Ariana could really be a contender for the Top 100, as she’s has a particularly meteoric rise in the past three years (#332 in 2011, #233 in 2012).

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3 thoughts on “Sibset of the Week: The Dumbledores

  1. Awesome sibset! Yes I can really see Ariana following Aria into the Top 100 – at least, Aria is in the Top 100 here, and in the US. What do you think: Top 100 potential in the UK as well?


    • Well Aria and Arya are currently at #214 and #257, respectively. I can see the both of them continuing to rise, so I think they could indeed be contending for the Top 100 in a few years 🙂


  2. Sorry, my mistake – Ariana is ALREADY in the Australian Top 100; it just scraped in last year at #100, and is already Top 100 in the US as well.


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