Yesterday we kicked off Week A with a name I’ve been pining to cover for a long time, whereas today we’re looking instead at a name that’s only very recently crossed my radar: Aveza.

And the use of the word airship appears apt, given that I came across this name via an airship called Dev Aveza, which you can mod into the game Skyrim.

The name Aveza might remind you of Ava, who ranked at #4 in England&Wales in 2013. And you’d be right to think of her, as the names are linked. Well, if you’re looking at the right origin of Ava, that is, for Ava has several.

The first is that if you meet an Iranian Ava, chances are she’ll tell you her name comes from Persian and means voice or sound, which she more than entitled to claim.

But you’re more likely to meet an Ava in the English-speaking world, for which the name has a few possible origins. The first is that Ava is a variant of the name Eve, a name which means life. However, it is the other possible origin which links Ava to Aveza: the name comes from Germanic origins, specifically from the Germanic element avi, which possibly means desired. The name Aveza is an Old Germanic name, also said to be derived from avi, hence the strenuous link between the two names.

Ava and Aveza are not the only names to derives from avi, either. The name Avice came over to England with the Normans, and it was occasionally used throughout the Middle Ages. Over time and with influence from the Latin word avis, meaning bird, the usual spelling became Avis, although in the modern world both Avice and Avis fail to rank in England&Wales.

The name Aveza, however, would make for a certainly unusual pick in today’s modern world, but I reckon with the likes of Ava, Eva and Evie all chilling in and around the Top 100, she pairs recognisable sounds with a pretty zippy ending.

And you could also consider the nickname Avie, who unlike Aveza, ranks #2313. The name Evie, who ranks at #14, also remains a nickname option if you’re looking for something more mainstream to compliment Aveza’s offbeat-ness.

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3 thoughts on “Aveza

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  2. Thanks for introducing me to a) a new name and b) a new blog – just spotted Name Loves on your blogroll 🙂


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