The Offbeat Alphabet Series

OffBeat Alphabet

Today I’d like to announce a forthcoming series of posts to come to the blog that should keep me busy for the rest of the year (and probably well into the next), which I’m entitling The Offbeat Alphabet Series of posts. Due to my keen ability to name series of posts, you should already have an idea about what this entails.

Each letter will have an entire week devoted to it, however, due to my pretty hectic schedule coming up I can’t promise these will be consecutive weeks, there will be gaps. Also, I’ll probably want to post about other things and space it out to ensure the usual eclectic mix of variety you’ve all become accustomed to on this blog.

During the week I’ll post about various names starting with the letter of the week, which I’ve classed as offbeat and interesting enough to have a little said about them.


For the purposes of the series, I’m classifying offbeat as names either pretty unique to the England&Wales demographic (i.e. Freya, Seren) or names who’ve never been within the Top 200 of England&Wales since 1996.


My other half hails from a family where it’s a thing to name newborns after a deceased relative. I’m mostly okay with this for the simple reason that they just use first letters, rather than the actual name. For those who don’t know, the use of family names is hugely controversial in my own family due to a (my grandmother’s especially) firm belief that children should get their own name, because yay individuality.

However, the short of it is that I’ve been musing a lot about quirky names that share a first letter with various family members, and from that the idea for this series was born as I came across many delightful, hardly used gems that I couldn’t not share.

Sharing those gems and others begins on Monday as Week A kicks off, and then finishes up with the triumphant return of Sibset of the Week series.

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2 thoughts on “The Offbeat Alphabet Series

  1. Christina

    Sounds good! I look forward to seeing what you have dug up.


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