5 Names From Eurovision 2013

Eurovision 2013 winner, Emmelie de Forest, from telegraph.co.uk

Eurovision 2013 winner, Emmelie de Forest, from telegraph.co.uk

In my absence, I completely missed out on talking about the always-fun-to-watch Eurovision. Never fear friends, because that’s what we’re exactly talking about today.

To the uninitiated, the Eurovision Song Contest happens every year sometime in May and is jam-packed with cheesy love songs and down-right craziness. Apparently the show is taken quite seriously on continental Europe, whilst it remains seen mostly as a joke in the UK, with our commentary for the night headed up by the King of Sass himself, Graham Norton. Some of his more memorable quotes of the night included:

‘I know it’s tragic that we’re thrilled with getting 5 points’

‘Finland was tipped to do well..but even we’re beating it’

‘Oh it’s Sideshow Bob, nice of him to show up’

‘The end of this performance has two girls kissing. If two girls kissing offends you, you need to grow up’

The last quote above referenced the Finnish entry, and was one of the many sources of discontent this year as Turkey refused to broadcast the show because of the kiss. Other incident involved the German entry being accused of plagiarism for it’s similarity with last year’s winning song, Euphoria, performed by Loreen.

This year’s song contest took place in Malmö, Sweden and the winner was notable for the spelling of her name: Denmark’s Emmelie de Forest with Only Teardrops. Other notable names from the night included:

1. Alyona/Aliona

There was both an Alyona and an Aliona competing this year, for Belarus and Moldova, respectively. The name derives from the Russian named Yelena, which comes from the familiar Helen. The meaning of the name Helen is somewhat debated, with the common theories stating she means torch.

2. Esma

The Macedonian entry included a lady named Esma Redžepova, which ultimately failed to qualify for the final. Whilst Esma may look like a variant of Esme, she’s more likely to be a form of Asma, which means supreme in Arabic.

3. Amandine

First up on the night was what Graham Norton called France’s answer to Courtney Love, Amandine Bourgeois. The name Amandine is well known and regularly used in France, and is the French form of Amanda, a name that means loveable.

4. Despina

The Cyprian entry was led by singer Despina Olympiou. Her name is the modern Greek form of Despiona, which means mistress/lady in Greek. Like Esma, she failed to qualify for the final.


5. Stelios

The last name is a male one, being that of Stelios Siomos, who was the guitar player for Greece’s dancing referees entry this year, Koza Mostra. who hit the stage with a catchy tune entitled Alcohol is Free. The name is a variant of Stylianos, which is of Greek origins and means pillar.

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One thought on “5 Names From Eurovision 2013

  1. Eurovision is very much fun and silliness here too – probably even more relaxed as we can’t enter! Well I guess we can, for other countries … but you know what I mean.

    I love Esma, that’s absolutely gorgeous, and so on trend.


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