Spot of the Week: French Bowling

Something strange has been happening this week: I seem to constantly be mixing up the names of two friends. To be fair, they’re pretty similar-ish: Dan and Rob, but it has been infuriating me no end to catch myself addressing them by the wrong name. Especially since I’ve always had a knack for getting names right.


In other news, my pregnant friend lamented on facebook this week about picking a name for her Spring baby. She knows she’s expecting a girl, and mentions in the post that the frontrunner is Eva. However, other names suggested to them by people’s comments included:

  • Amelia (already know a little girl by the name)
  • Madison (didn’t want to be the mum that insists it’s Madison, not Maddie)
  • Survanna (commenter possibly meant Savannah)
  • Lexy (mentioned twice  by two separate people, and both used this spelling)
  • Lola (liked, but thought it was too close to Layla, an they already know someone with that name)
  • Phoebe
  • Grace, Scarlett (lady suggesting these said after that you could tell that she’s old)
  • Sophia
  • Erin

I found it somewhat fascinating that all of the above names were in the Top 100 in England&Wales in 2011, aside from Savannah (and technically that spelling of Lexy).

And for this week’s picture, it comes courtesy of a French friend:

What names people use when bowling is a mini-fascinating for me, and true to form, in the picture above three of the four are using nicknames on the scorecard as opposed to their actual names. As for the other three, care to guess what names they’re short for?

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3 thoughts on “Spot of the Week: French Bowling

  1. I’m not a good guesser, and don’t know much about French names, but I would guess




    Tellou – I’m stumped – is it you???


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