The Hobbit

For a friend’s birthday yesterday, we all headed off to our local multiplex to see The Hobbit. You might have heard about it’s upcoming release, and I for one was interested to see the film, despite never seeing the previous Lord of the Rings films. Actually, that’s not quite true as a friend made me sit through the extended edition of the first film about a fortnight ago.

The film features a band of dwarves attempting to reclaim their mountain home from a dragon, and indeed one of the friends I went to see the film with commented after it ended that it rather reminded him of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

Each to their own, I suppose.

Anyway, when the dwarves are introduced by name, one can immediately pick up that several of the names rhyme. They all pretty much suit the fantasy-style genre, which is awash with whimsical, fantastical names. which makes sense, since we can’t expect every fantasy world to abide by the same naming trends – that doesn’t even happen from country to country in the real world.

Here are the names of the 13 dwarves starring in The Hobbit:














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One thought on “The Hobbit

  1. Nearly all the names of the dwarves in “The Hobbit” are taken from the “Catalogue of Dwarves” in the Poetic Edda. So they are fantasy names, but genuine Scandinavian medieval ones.

    Gandalf is also one of the dwarves in the Catalogue! 🙂


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