Spot of the Week: Eating Habits

First off, congratulations are in order to my friend Philippa who just this morning welcomed a little girl into the world, whom she named Annabelle Grace.

My generation of friends are clearly beginning to hit baby-making years, as a really rather close friend finds out tomorrow whether she’s carrying a boy or girl.

Exciting times, indeed.

Now, the even bigger news of the week comes along the lines of when I visited Costa coffee, and discovered they currently sell giant custard creams and Bourbon biscuits. Now, it just so happened that the guy I was with was already in the process of buying our drinks by the time I took note of the display. Since he was paying as a birthday treat for me, I didn’t get one, but I’m determined to try them at some stage.

The link to names is that I’ve been wondering since the Costa coffee trip why the Bourbon biscuits are known as such, and so far I’ve seen a few theories; a popular one referring to a family known as House of Bourbon from Europe.

The thing to note for those unfamiliar which the delightful tea time snack is that bourbon biscuits do not have a drop of bourbon [the drink] in them. Custard creams, incidentally, taste more like vanilla than custard in my opinion; and trust me, I munch through FAR too many custard creams.

This week’s picture is a rather exciting one: it’s a picture of the bag of sugar that fuels my out of control Weetabix habit:


As featuring my latest packet of custard creams in the background, rather befittingly. Anyways, as you can see, the brand name is Tate&Lyle, and I couldn’t help but note how similar the two names were.

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One thought on “Spot of the Week: Eating Habits

  1. Congrats to your pal Phillipa!

    I see Tate all the time in birth notices, and sometimes see a Lyle – I can easily Tate and Lyle as brothers! (Not in the UK though, as everyone would think you got the names off a sugar bag).


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