Spot of the Week: Friends&Names

After compiling together this post, I couldn’t help but notice that in one way or another a friend was involved in each one of the inspirations.

I have a friend called Siobhan, and made a passing mention of her the other day whilst in the presence of another friend, who promptly turned around and said this:

Who is he then?


Not sure I’ve ever come across the concept of Siobhan being a male name, but there we go. However, if you only have half an ear on the conversation, I guess it’s easy enough to mishear Siobhan as perhaps Sean.

Another friend of mine also commented this week about how happy she was to be served in a shop by a man named Edgar, because, as I quote:

you never see anyone these days with the name Edgar!

Since it’s the start of Advent Calendar season, we’re pulling out a Christmas-y themed picture to celebrate:


There are certain members of my family who happen to be obsessed with John Lewis, specifically with their uh-may-zing Christmas adverts. Seriously, who’d have thought we could all get emotional about a snowman buying a present? (although my Brosnan friend insists that last year’s offering made him cry more).

Anyway, John Lewis came up in conversation this week with a friend, and they were really rather surprised to discover from me that there was actually someone named John Lewis who kicked the whole business off.

Rather like how Cadburys was founded by John Cadbury, and Boots by John Boot.

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