Sibset of the Week: The Brosnans

I’ve been working my way through the old James Bond films quite a bit recently with a friend of mine, and one of our most recently watched films is The World is Not Enough, where James Bond is played by Irish actor Pierce Brosnan.

My friend happens to be quite the Pierce Brosnan fan, so this post goes out to him.

Pierce has been married twice: firstly to Cassandra Harris; secondly to Keely Shaye Smith. Altogether he has 2 stepchildren* and 3 sons:



Sean William

Dylan Thomas

Paris Beckett

Perhaps you can pick out why I chose to cover this family (aside from pandering to a friend’s likes).

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4 thoughts on “Sibset of the Week: The Brosnans

  1. my favorite Pierce Brosnan role is still Remington Steele. I loved that show growing up. I think I may have liked the other actors more, but he certainly added just what was needed to the show.

    not a fan of the name Pierce itself, but the other names in the family are pretty nice (well, not a fan of Paris, but Beckett is good enough). I like Cassandra the most but also the use of Dylan Thomas. And all of them together are nice.

    Glad to come across your blog!


  2. Ha, I just watched that movie again too – it was on TV.

    Wow, did he name his son Sean after another Bond actor? Or is Dylan Thomas named after the poet?

    I like the combination of Paris Beckett, very handsome.


  3. The Name Station

    I may be the only one who finds Paris Beckett out of place among the sibset, and I definitely equate it more with girls, but I do love Beckett sincerely šŸ™‚


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