As a lover of science, I love me a good helix.

The reason I thought to cover Helix is rather simple, someone recently introduced themselves to me as Felix and true to form, I misheard them and thought they were saying helix.

The helix shape is that of a 3-D curve, and a good example of one is a coiled spring. It seems apt that the word itself derives from Greek, and means twisted, curved.

Now, the double helix structure of DNA was discovered by Watson and Crick back in 1953, albeit with the initially unacknowledged help of Rosalind Franklin.

A quirky trait of helices is that they can be either left or right handed, and this is not just through perspective as a left handed helix, say, cannot be superimposed unto a right handed helix no matter how hard you try. The same could be said for your left and right hand, one can not be superimposed onto the other: they are mirror images of each other.

Once you step back and think about it, the case for Helix-the-name is a rather compelling one: he has the attractive x ending and a super-cool science-y connection.

Infact, I’m surprised it’s took me this long to think of it myself.

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2 thoughts on “Helix

  1. This is a name I could really dig on someone – although it is bad grammar, Helice is quite intriguing too, like a cross between Helen and Felice.


  2. Blue

    Dutch politician Lousewies van der Laan and her husband Dennis Hesseling have a son named Helix (born 2004)


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