Spot of the Week: Bonfire Night

Happy Bonfire Night to any celebrating, although strictly speaking my family had our annual party on the 3rd this year since I could only attend for that night.

This seems a good time in the year to therefore mention something about the names of fireworks, because usually the names of the fireworks are rather pointless, such as green storm or lightning bolt.

This year one of the fireworks had been bestowed the name missile frenzy, and to b e honest, it was a rather apt name since the firework was primed with 300 shots, and prompted fired them all in under a minute.

It’s nice that for once the fireworks didn’t have completely pointless names.

The reason behind why we celebrate Bonfire Night is a tale oft told, and for those who don’t know it goes along the lines of a group of angry catholics wanted to blow up parliament, and every year we celebrate their failure to do so.

Guy Fawkes was of course also known as Guido Fawkes, the name Guido being the latinised version of Wido which means wood/wide. As it so happens, the name Guy is also related to Wido.

This week’s picture is of the front of one of my newest possessions:


It got me thinking because the French word for phoenix is Phénix, and of course I couldn’t help but wonder what happens if French person wants to name their child after the mythical bird. I would never name a child cockatrice, but the French Cocatrix is delightfully pretty.

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One thought on “Spot of the Week: Bonfire Night

  1. Guido is nice, though I find Guy a little bit more classic and handsome.


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