Alls Wells

Today is the 3rd November, which means it’s Day 3 of NaNoWriMo. This year I was talked into taking part by one of my many friends from the 2012 Games.

Predictably, I’ve dived right in without so much as a plan and thus have been naming characters the first thing that pops to mind, which is exactly how my main character came to be known as Wells.

What exactly Wells could be short for remains a mystery to me, but here are some intriguing possibilities:

Aleswell, Allewell, Anniwell, Ashwell

Bakewell, Bardwell, Barnewell, Baskwell, Benwell, Beswell, Bonwell, Bowell, Bramwell, Brightwell, 

Brookwell, Brumwell

Cadwell, Caldwell, Careswell, Caswell, Chadwell, Chiswell, Conwell, Cresswell, Cromwell

Ellwell, Ewell


Hallawell, Haswell, Hatwell, Hawkswell, Holywell, Hopewell, Horwell, Hywel

Kanwell, Kedwell, Kenewell, Keniwell, Kennewell, Kerswell, Kingswell

Lathwell, Lovewell, Lowell, Luckwell, Ludwell

Makeswell, Manwell, Markwell, Maxwell, Medwell, Mundwell

Newell, Norwell, Nowell

Oakwell, Orwell

Pedwell, Penwell, Plowell, Popplewell, Powell, Presswell, Pretswell, Proswell

Radwell, Rockwell, Rookwell, Rosewell, Rothwell, Rowell, Rudwell

Samwell, Saywell, Seawell, Sewell, Shemwell, Sherwell, Shimwell, Sidwell, Snozzwell, Sparkwell, Sparwell, Swallwell

Tanswell, Tennewell, Thirwell, Thornewell, Tigwell, Tredwell, Treswell, Trigwell, Truswell, Tuckwell, Twell

Waywell, Welland, Wellard, , Wellbelove, Welldrake, Wellen, Weller, Wellesley, Wellington, Wellwood, Westwell, Whatstandwell, Whitwell

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