On Mis-hearing Names

Snapped by me at the Maritime Museum in Liverpool

It’s almost a given that at one point in everyone’s life, we introduce ourselves, only for that person to mishear you and insist on calling you a completely different name. Today I was in the room when a friend was on skype to his friend in Gaza, who believed my name to be Lussi.

Then again, English wasn’t his first language, and he rather was holding his own in the conversation.

To be honest, whilst it seems to annoy plenty of people, it doesn’t so bother me; maybe it’s because I happen to have poor hearing, so can appreciate the difficultly one may face.

Especially since I can add to the confusion sometimes, at my local only the other night I rather inadvertently introduced myself as Kay.

I’d said, oh ok, only for him to hear oh Im Kay.

One of my closest friends during London 2012 was a fellow GamesMaker, and although I knew her name was Helen, I couldn’t help myself but to refer to her as Emily.

Never to her face, of course. And where exactly did Emily come from anyway?

And remember Evan from a few posts ago? He complained about people mis-hearing his name as either Euan or Ethan. Truth be told, when he introduced himself to me, I thought he said Evie. 

I have yet to admit this to him though.

What about you dear readers? I’m brilliant when it comes to remembering names, but actually hearing the names is where things can get a little messy…

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2 thoughts on “On Mis-hearing Names

  1. People some how mishear my name Ebony as Emily or Emma which really annoys me as where do you get Emma from Ebony.


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