Long time readers will no doubt be aware that I refer to both my sisters by a variety of nicknames, and today we’re covering one of the latest additions for the younger of my two sisters, Sophie.

It’s not exactly a logical leap from Sophie to Dempsey, but I’ve come to acknowledge that sometimes my brain just doesn’t seem to connect the dots like others do.

Dempsey is another one of those surnames vying to be a first name, being of Irish origins. It specifically comes from the Gaelic surname Ó Díomasaigh meaning, descendant of Díomasach, with Díomasach meaning proud, haughty.

With Dempsey, it’s mostly open waters as to whether one should be using the name for boys or girls, at least that’s my line on it.

We can also relate Dempsey to one of my favourite sports: football, as there is a player by the name of Clint Dempsey who plays as a striker for Tottenham Hotspur (one of the many London-based teams) in the Premiership (the highest tier of English football). He also plays for his country’s national team, which is the USA.

Many England fans will remember the now infamous moment when he scored against us during the 2010 World Cup, after our goalie Robert Green fumbled an easy save.

As in may sports, players are usually referred to by their surname, hence when someone talks about a player called Gerrard, they are almost always referring to Steven Gerrard, current skipper for the England team.

For what it’s worth, I found out recently that one of my friends who has no interest whatsoever in football has a fantasy football team, which is – rather incredibly – middle-placing in her league despite her not really knowing what she’s doing.

Dempsey didn’t make my fantasy football team, although both Demba Ba and the brilliant Angel Rangel did – whom we covered a few weeks ago.

I guess with Dempsey you get a rather quirky surname pick, with links to the sporting world.

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