Spot of the Week

I heard previously via the London Telegraph Announcements of people receiving the name Badger, but this week I came into contact with my first.

However, like many Badgers, it was simply just a nickname.

The other notable news from my part of the world concerns me befriending someone called Evan a couple of weeks ago, because this week he loudly complained that most people he meets and introduces himself to ‘correct’ his name to Euan or Ethan.

It’s funny, had I been born of the opposite gender my mother was pushing hard for me to be named Euan.

In the end, my mother had to sit back and use names my Dad had picked out.

Incidentally, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this or not but my father decided the other day that if my parents were to have a fifth child, they should name him Enrique or Barrie.

Presuming they have a boy, of course, although he did turn around to me the other day and demand to know why they didn’t think to call me Lacey instead of Lucy.

This week’s picture is thus, snapped at a random John Lewis branch recently by yours truly:

Truth be told, when I dubbed my sister with the name Ebba, I didn’t realise it was actually a name. Ebba also happens to be quite a popular name in Sweden.

Go figure.

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