Names In Translation


I recently took delivery of a rather exciting package from Amazon – Harry Potter et L’ordre du phénix.

Whilst the French isn’t really tripping me up so much, it did take me an awful long time to figure out who the character called Rogue was. It’s one thing to adjust to reading in a different language, but completely another thing to suddenly start referring to a character you’ve know for several years by a different name.

I thought I’d make a post out of this, because there are actually some rather notable name translations in the book and indeed beyond as I’ve since received three more of the French translations of  the Harry Potter books.

Before the list, it should be noted that in French particularly (although not in other translations) the majority of major characters simply kept their English names because they seemed to work well enough in French, this includes the entire Weasley clan amongst others. There are also cases when the only change is an accent, comme Pétunia Dursley; or in some cases simply an added e, comme Draco Malefoy.

  • Alastor Maugrey (Alastor Moody)
  • Bartemius Croupton
  • Mme. Bibine (Madam Hooch)
  • Helga Poufsouffle (Helga Hufflepuff)
  • Lavande Brown (Lavender Brown)
  • Mimi Geignarde (Moaning Myrtle)
  • Pénélope Deauclaire (Penelope Clearwater)
  • Pomona Chourave (Pomona Sprout)
  • Pompom Pomfresh (Poppy Pomfrey)
  • Riesu (Peeves)
  • Salazar Serpentard (Salazar Slytherin)
  • Severus Rogue (Severus Snape)
  • Tom Elvis Jedusor (Tom Riddle Jr., aka Voldemort)
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