Spot of the Week: Blasphemous Pineapple

I watched Children of Men for the first time this week, which involved a lady called Kee giving birth to a baby. At one point in the film I’m pretty certain Kee wanted to name the baby Froley, and then Bazouka, before finally settling on Dylan.

When deciding on Dylan, she uttered quite a controversial line:

Dylan. I’ll call my baby Dylan. It’s a girl’s name, too.

Bear in mind this film is set in the near-future of 2027, so you never know.

The big news in my part of the world is to do with a pineapple called Mohammed. The freshers fayre at the University of Reading became somewhat more than a usual affair when the Reading Atheist and Humanist Society set up a stall in the marquee displaying a pineapple with the name tag Mohammed. Things kicked off when, predictably, Muslim students complained and the Student Union ended up throwing the society out of the fayre.

The bit that interests me most, however, is that in the reports of the event appear to seemingly switch between using Muhammad and Mohammed:

For those curious, the pineapple was infact called Mohammed:


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2 thoughts on “Spot of the Week: Blasphemous Pineapple

  1. Ha! That cracked me up. If I remember right, the astronomy society had a broom they named Jesús (I don’t remember why it was Spanish) because it appeared out of no where at really random times. Also, Reading uni was my second choice. Hope you’re having fun there.


  2. thenamestation

    I think in North America, Dylan is already a unisex name, while still leaning male overall. So many little girls are born with the name Dylan these days. Certainly a better name, boy or girl, than Froley or Bazouka 🙂


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