RAC Names

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I had every intention of posting last night, but in my commute home my car went on strike and, well, it’s now at the garage awaiting repair.

I’m happy to take inspiration from everywhere, so it seems a good time to muse about names containing the letters Rac, given that I was rescued by the breakdown company RAC.

The RAC was formed in the late 70s, and was formed as a section of the Royal Automobile Club, which no longer owns the company.

It quickly became clear after my brilliant plan had formed that there exist few names which could potentially be included in this post, but I duly stuck with it anyway.

The most obvious name to mention is Rachel. She is a Hebrew name meaning ewe and in the Bible was the mother of Benjamin and Joseph. Whilst widely used in the Jewish community throughout the Middle Age, she only really picked up into common use during the 16th century. Another popular name to contain these letters is Grace, possibly the most popular virtue name the world over.

But don’t quote me on that.

After that, we mostly go outside the realm of popular names in the English-speaking world (save for a passing mention to Tracy), and the next name I found comes from Spain.

The name is Araceli, and she means altar in the sky; right underneath Araceli in my name book is Arachne, a Greek name meaning spider.

The tale from Greek mythology goes that there was once a beautiful lady named Arachne who was really rather good at weaving. Being the confident type she challenged Athene to a weave-off who became enraged over the subject matter of her weaving and promptly turned her into a spider.

From nature we get the name Bracken, a rather ancient plant found in moorland and woods. There exists an old belief that if you burn Bracken outside, then it will rain. The name comes from Old Norse and means fern.

The last name I wanted to mention is Zarachiel, as it is the name of ones of the archangels. The name is Hebrew in origin, and means God’s command.

It may not be an infinite pool of names, but they’re all rather interesting in their own ways.

And that’s all they need to be.

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One thought on “RAC Names

  1. magicbabynames

    How about Horace or even Race? And a mention for Draco, Barack and Miracle!


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