On Naming Fairy Cakes

We’ve all named inanimate objects before, right?

Things were taken to a whole new level just the other day in my household: as we sat watching our fairy cakes bake we took it upon ourselves to assign names to them.

That guy looking incredibly pensive in the picture above? He totally dibbed the biggest one and thusly dubbed her Bertha. He then went on to name the most pitiful looking one Sherlock; cakes were named Moriarty and Mycroft shortly after.

Point of fact: they were all amazed to hear Moriarty is included in Kay’s wonderful book, which was duly produced by me once the debate over names for the cakes reached fever-pitch – so well done Kay! 

The whole naming of the cakes event certainly got me thinking, because it’s one thing to talk names with people who think about them all the time, it’s a totally different experience to talk to those who don’t. The guy above admitted to having named his computer Cecelia, and was suggesting all kinds of vintage names for our cakes like it was nothing.

Part of me wonders whether it’s because he sees ye olde names as so ridiculously outdated that their only use now is for comical effect, but I guess we upcoming generation of parents are poised to resurrect such classics 😉

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One thought on “On Naming Fairy Cakes

  1. Awkward Turtle

    Old computers/phones in our house have been Jane, Stanley, Wallace, Wilbur and Edith. 😀


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