Spot of the Week: Radio 1

So today I officially moved down south to Reading, and during the 3 hour mostly-motorway journey I found myself tuning into Radio 1. Now, normally I’m a 5Live or Radio 2 girl, but since my car refuses to acknowledge the existence of 5Live and Simon Mayo wasn’t on Radio 2, in a moment of need I turned to Radio 1.

During the drive, a girl came on air to try and win tickets for some music awards show, and try as I might I couldn’t quite catch her name. I’m pretty sure it ended -ina, and I kept hearing her name as Thomasina.

Too much to hope for?

Elsewhere, this week I met two people who answer to Morgan. One was the 8ish-year old sister to newborn Evie, whilst the other was a strapping great big lad.

It’s almost the very definition of a unisex name if you can imagine two people of such extremes as those outlined above wearing the name well.

The picture this week comes from a train station platform I was stood on recently. I suspect it may be St. Pancras, but if you’re on the lookout for an obscure-ish male saints name and don’t fancy Pancras, what about Alban? The place called St. Albans is relatively well known, but people named Alban are few and far between.

Oh, and yes I was silently thrilled to discover that there’s a place called Flitwick.

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4 thoughts on “Spot of the Week: Radio 1

  1. Congrats on the move! And Flitwick is charming. I have a mental collection of great place names. My favorite (so far) is Witchduck Road …


  2. Laurel

    In relation to Morgan, I’m 24 and for a while my parents were going to name me Morgan whether I was a boy or girl. I have never found out why they never stuck to it though. Most definitely a unisex name and personally I think it work well on either.


  3. thenamestation

    Alban could work, for sure. Albie, Al, quite cute. As for Morgan, I’ve met so many people of both sexes that this name is fully entrenched in unisex territory for me, personally.


  4. Morgan is one of the few names I like on both genders equally. It just a very adaptable name. I’ve met an Alban before (although he spelled his name slightly differently), so I actually think it really works as a first name.


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