Spot of the Week: Birthday Cards

If you can recall to last week, I made passing mention of how my father had come to dub my new car Gypsy due to the last three letters on the registration plate.

Well, things took an unexpected turn this week when I flipped through it’s service history and came to discover the car had it’s first service in Cardiff.

Hence, I decided right there and then that my car is Welsh and therefore needs a Welsh name.

This has – predictably –  provoked a whole new argument between my father and I as to a suitable new name. Yes, we really do have too much time on our hands.

I’m fighting the corner of Griff which has only one of the three letters (G, P, Y) in it. My father, however, now wants Griphook.

Which isn’t even Welsh.

Changing the subject dramatically, I want to mention the name Isolde. Why? Because I’ve always said Isolde with two-syllables, but discovered this week that most tend to say her with three-syllables.


Today’s picture is quite simply the back of a random birthday card:

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2 thoughts on “Spot of the Week: Birthday Cards

  1. magicbabynames

    I left a comment on your original post. Gryphon is a form of Griff which surely solves all your problems!


  2. I say Isolde with three syllables, and I think this is because that’s how they said it in the movie “Tristan and Isolde”, from memory. Which was heavily advertised at the time, so probably why so many other people also say it that way………


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