Sibset of the Week: Coldplay

Snapped by me at the closing ceremony, during the song ‘Yellow’

I’m slightly upset that my time as a GamesMaker has come to an end, but I suspect some of you may be secretly glad because I now have time to devote to blogging once more.

Last night was the closing ceremony of the Paralympic Games, and by a stroke of insane luck I managed to get deployed to the seating area above the two giant plasmas in the north stand. You see, for deployment yesterday we simply picked out of a hat to ensure everyone had an equal chance of getting a shift inside the stadium. One of my friends sadly got ticketing and since they were being pretty strict about loitering last night, she saw 10 minutes at the most of the action, whilst I got to stand in the stadium watching.

The main act of the closing ceremony was Coldplay, who played pretty much all of their big hits.

Coldplay is a four-piece band, and all four members have children.

Let’s start with Mr. Drummer, Will Champion. He is married to a lady named Marianne and they have three children, including fraternal twins:




Then we have Mr. Bassist, Guy Berryman. He only has one child, a daughter, with former wife Joanna:


Next we have Mr. Guitarist, Jonny Buckland. He has a son and a daughter with wife Chloe:



Finally, need I mention the children of Mr. Lead Singer etc. ? Chris Martin is famously married to Gwyneth Paltrow, and the names of their children are particularly well known:

Apple Blythe Alison

Moses Bruce Anthony

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One thought on “Sibset of the Week: Coldplay

  1. eponymia

    They’ve done well — I like Juno, Rex, Nico, Apple & Moses.


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