Name Musings From The Olympic Stadium

Snapped by me during the 200m T42 victory ceremony.

I’m back! Today is my day off, and I intend to spend it catching up on sleep and updating you all on some of the fun that’s been going on. My next day off is Wednesday, so you may need to wait until then for the next batch of posts to go up.

Since I’m part of the Event Services team, that means I spend all my time smiling at the spectators and directing them to the nearest buggy park. I kid ye not, the only questions that seem to be posed to me is where one can dump the pram, and which McDonalds in the Olympic Park is the biggest.

I’ve also picked up several interesting name stories of sorts from my time:

  • I had a team leader with the name Isabella, but she insisted on being called Isabel.
  • I’ve also had an area leader by the name Dimple.
  • I spent my first shift paired up with a lady named Heleyna.
  • Other people I’ve worked alongside were called: Dily, Ishmael & Mauro.
  • It felt like a good proportion of all the under-10 girls I came across had the name Layla.
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