The Florence Theory: Jessie


This is the third edition of my so-called ‘Florence Theory’, and the first since the 2011 data was released. So here’s a quick update on how the other two names fared with the change in data.

Whilst Emeli has still yet to rank, the slight variant of Emelie has risen – from #3533 to #1903, with the number of births more than doubling.

On the other hand we have Cheryl, who has slipped slightly between 2010 and 2011 – down from #965 to #1327. I’ve been thinking about this drop in use, and it’s easy to suggest it may be down to the fact that Cheryl Cole has been notably out of the public eye. That, and a quick survey of formspringers showed me that she still retains a middle-aged image for many.

Ah ben, en ce qui concerne Cheryl, qui vivra verra? (Ah well, as for Cheryl, time will tell?)

This time, we’re talking about Jessie, for pop-starlet and Brit School graduate Jessie J.

Now, this post was in the pipeline long  before the Closing Ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games. An opening ceremony where Jessie J turned up no less than 3 times, and this certainly seemed to infuriate quite a few of my friends and indeed my own sister.

You could compare Jessie J to marmite; I have one sister who hates her, whilst the other almost worships the ground she walks on. I prefer to remain on neutral ground.

As mentioned above, Jessie J went to Brit School, the only performing arts school in the UK which does not charge fees, receiving a substantial amount of income from the annual Brit Awards. Previously attendees include the world’s darling – Adele.

It was in late 2010 that Jessie released her first single, Do It Like A Dude, and her career has gone from strength to strength since. Whilst not a fan, I can appreciate her unconventional style.

For Jessie J, Jessie is indeed short for Jessica. When our 2011 data was released, there were some murmurs from mostly our friends in the USA that Jessica is still hanging around in our top 10 at #4, up an impressive two places form 2010.

The name Jessica was invented by Shakespeare for a character in his play, The Merchant of Venice.

The most popular theory as to the origin of the name is that it was inspired by Iscah, which would’ve been Jescha in his time, and meant to behold.

As for Jessie, she ranks at #216 which is considerably higher than her 2010 ranking of #297. Clearly, Jessie is riding the nickname trend up a few spots at the very least, if not enjoy a rise in popularity due to the singer.

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