Those Crazy Ideas

‘Hey, let’s make a Tom Daley scarecrow.’ I kid ye not, this is what this is supposed to be.

Does anyone else have it when an idea about names that initially seems absurd, and then you just plain fall in love with it for all of 24 hours?

That happened to me yesterday.

You see, Archie is a favourite name of mine and it suddenly occurred to me to investigate as to whether there was a female form of Archibald. For those wondering, yes I do currently have more spare time than I know what to do with; my workplace shuts down in August because we just can’t bear to be stuck inside whilst the sun is shining. Since it opens up again this Saturday, I’m sure my mind will be once again preoccupied with the gentle art of topping up wine glasses of each man at the table just enough so that you don’t have to go and open a new bottle to complete the table of 10. That, and, I start up work at the Olympic Stadium again on Friday, so I certainly will be ferociously preoccupied for a week and a half whilst I juggle two jobs.

Getting back to the subject of Archibald, yes there is indeed a feminine form: Archina.

However, not long after I had the crazy idea: Arachne nn Archie.

Absurd, yes. Oddly alluring after the initial brainwave, also yes. Do I still love the idea? Not so much.

For those interested, Arachne is a Greek name meaning spider and indeed, the spidery association is too much for many people. I find myself not being particularly bothered by this, despite not being the world’s biggest fan of spiders. Thinking about it, my one big fear does not really cross off any names for me. But it does mean my kids will have pretty dull birthday parties (I’m terrified of balloons).

I guess I could come up with an absurd, but oddly fitting metaphor about life based on these crazy, but not so practical ideas, but I won’t because I hated doing this with a passion when I took Literacy at school.

Feel free to invent your own.

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4 thoughts on “Those Crazy Ideas

  1. Ha ha – I also hate balloons, especially when they are half deflated or popped…

    A while ago I had a flight of fancy that Batavia would be a great girls name, as I had fond memories of reading the book ‘The Devils Own’ as a teenager, which was about the crash of the Dutch East Indies ship of the same name. Even has the cute nicknames of Tavia or Tavvie!

    Then I had a reality check and realised that it starts with Bat, and it’d be just asking for a child to be teased for being batty 🙂


  2. Aww, I actually don’t think Archina is too bad! But I still dislike Archie.
    Right now my crazy idea I’m obsessed with is using Bohemia as a middle name. =)


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  4. There was an Archina in this weeks Birth Announcements on WMTM! A name I never expected to see on a new baby. Her twin brother is Flynn, and their sister is Isabella.


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