Weekend Post: On Rhyming Names & Angel Rangel

Swansea City. That guy right in the foreground? That’s hysterical Steve who has an inner McDs radar, and introduced me to Swansea all those years ago.

Football is finally back, and I could cry with joy.

Especially since one of my teams is currently right near the top of the premiership (the top tier of the football league system-thingie), having won their first games 5-0 and 3-0.

Yes, it’s the glorious return of Swansea City A.F.C. , the team I cheered on in their championship playoff with Reading back in the summer of 2011, when they won their way into the premiership. That’s where the picture above was taken.

It’s funny, because I’m actually moving to Reading at the end of next month and the Swansea scarf may have to be left at home.

However, I’ll be honest and admit that Swansea’s position in the table will likely change as we’re only two games in, and they have yet to play the big guns like Man Utd, Chelsea or Man City, but still, this is one happy footie fan.

Today’s post is inspired by a man who joined them when they were down in League 1, the third tier and the one my 1st team – Notts County – currently lies in.

It seems almost ridiculous that I’ve yet to properly introduce you all to my favourite Swansea player, who scored against West Ham in the 3-0 game today: Angel Rangel.

Well yes, I’ve mentioned him on the off-hand twice before, but never made it clear just how much my father and I enjoy shouting his name outloud when we hear he’s scored a goal. For some reason we often refer to him as Angle Wrangle, but this is highly incorrect and here’s a little discussion between a commentator and the man himself on how to say his name:

So yes, his first name and surname do indeed rhyme.

There is another slightly similar example in the premiership in the form of Demba Ba. Infact, most people on the radio and TV say his name more like it is Dem Baba, than Demba Ba.

I think when it came to Rangel, my initial thought about his surname was that, he can’t surely have a first name and surnames that actually rhymes? Most people seem to draw the same conclusions to the point that many fans I’ve sat with at games (especially in the early Rangel days at Swansea) would say his name and which-away they like, as long as they didn’t rhyme the two names.

So that’s whats been on my mind all week with the new football season finally underway. Rhyming siblings names is quite a sniffy subject after all, but this is the first time I’ve though of rhyming first name and surnames. Maybe it’s because my own surname doesn’t particularly lend itself well to the whole rhyming thing, that I’ve never really thought about it myself.

Actually, now I think about it, I do actually know someone in this situation; her first name is Kayley, but her surname is double-barrelled so she kind of gets away with it.

Still, you rock Angel Rangel.

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