The above has been on TV for a few weeks now, and continues to make my father laugh whenever he sees it.

For those who don’t known, Dave is a TV channel here in the UK, which focuses on mostly comedic content (it tagline is the home of witty banter), hence the amusing TV advert known as doomsdave, a pun on dooms day. Point of fact: this channel loves it’s puns, their +1 hour service is called dave ja vu (pun on déjà vu) rather than the less-than-imaginative Dave +1, which it admittedly once was.

This importance of this doomsdave advert for me and why it’s inspired this post is because it alludes to the very reason why the TV channel decided to rebrand itself as Dave in 2007:

“Everybody knows a bloke called Dave”

The TV channel has a point, since many Davids are commonly known as Dave and David was wildly popular for the majority of the 20th century in England&Wales, check these stats out:

  • 1944 – #2
  • 1954 – #1
  • 1964 – #1
  • 1974 – #2
  • 1984 – #2

In 2011, David was at #57, up 7 places from 2010, whilst Dave was only given to 9 lads and is outranked by Davey who was given to 10 lads. At the same time, Dai was given to 3 lads; he’s the welsh diminutive of David.

Another Welsh dim. is Taffy, who derives from the the welsh form of the name, Dafydd. There’s also the older version of Dewydd, which has the diminutive Dewey.

Variant spelling Dewi ranks at #907, but neither Dewydd nor Dewey does; Dafydd ranks at #1045.

Other international versions of David includes the Finnish Taavetti, which has the diminutive Taavi. Daw also happens to be a medieval diminutive of David.

The feminine form of the name is Davina (there is also Davida and Davinia), which has it’s origins in Scotland and she ranks at #1043. We have a celeb by the name of Davina McCall (full name: Davina Lucy Pascale, her mother is French) here in the UK, whom most people will think of when they hear the name Davina.

The name Dave seems destined for the channel, because it was also part of a long-running joke from Only Fools and Horses, wherein Trigger would mistakenly call Rodney by the name Dave; it was never explained why he believed Rodney’s name to be Dave.

The name David comes from Hebrew, and means beloved. This was the name of a king of Israel from 10th century BC, whose most noted appearance in the Bible is in the David and Goliath tale from the Old Testament. According to the New Testament, Jesus is descended from him.

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2 thoughts on “Dave

  1. Dave has that real Everyman quality, even chosen as a human alias for an alien in “Meet Dave”!

    There was a show here a few years called “Dave in the Life” where a guy called Dave tries out different lifestyles – I think again meant to implicate that Dave can stand in for everyone. It’s the new John.

    I read a blog from a man (a schoolteacher) who professed to be extremely alarmed that girls were “stealing” all the boy names, and in his opinion, soon all boys would have to be called Dave – apparently the one name that was eternally masculine, and the one name that was proof against gender name-napping.


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