Just because this name is new on my radar, that doesn’t stop me wanting to cover her. To be honest, she was a tricky one to find stacks of information about, but I guess that eliminates the chances of a nasty surprise when it comes to discovering an evil super-genius also bears the name.

A while ago I covered some names you could use to get to the nickname Maisie, and somehow managed to stumble across another potential candidate. If you’re wondering, she’s pronounced goh-MEY-sa, so not quite the same sound as Maisie, but it’s close enough.

She also rather reminds of Gemma, a name that reached as high as #3 in England&Wales in 1984. Call her Gemma with an eastern twist if you like given that she owes her origins to the Arabic language. That’s because she derives from the Arabic al-ghumaisa, which means the bleary-eyed woman.

When you want to learn about the name Gomeisa, you have to look to the skies, specifically to a constellation known as Canis Minor. This is not to be confused with Canis Major, which boasts such stars as Sirius which is the brightest star in the night sky.

In Canis Minor, you can find a star called Beta Canis Minoris, which also happens to be known as Gomeisa. In the night sky, Gomeisa remains in close proximity to Procyon, another prominent star.

There’s very little else to say about the name Gomeisa, given that she’s rarely used, and clearly, the name does not rank in England&Wales. If you’re looking for an underused/ unique ‘real’ name, then this is a great little gem for you.

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One thought on “Gomeisa

  1. I do love star names, and the sound of this one is amazing, but tbh the meaning is slightly off-putting. Probably apt though, as you do often spend time with a new baby being pretty bleary-eyed!


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