Weekend Post: Tuesday Conundrum Answers

Snapped by me at the ghost town formerly known as the Olympic Park

This post was supposed to be posted yesterday, but instead I decided to spend my time swanning around the Olympic Stadium area of the Olympic Park, because that’s just how my standard Saturday seems to go these days.

Tell you what, the set up they’ve got going for the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games makes it look like it’s going to be a cracker, too.

Anyway, the aim of today’s post is to finally deliver you all the answers of the conundrum I sent out on Tuesday.

The Name that fell off altogether:


(ranked for girls in 2010)

The Names that changed gender:

Harper (#858, #1087) & Brook (#1665, #1788)

(both ranked higher for boys in 2010, now rank higher for girls)

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3 thoughts on “Weekend Post: Tuesday Conundrum Answers

  1. Oh well you’ve foxed me again, because when you said that two names had swapped genders, for some reason I thought that meant two genders as well! So I couldn’t think which girl name had become masculine.


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