Spot of the Week: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

As part of my gazillionth trip to London on Saturday, my sister and I took off to the Empire cinema in Leicester Square to watch the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid film.

Now, this is the first one I’ve actually seen, and the names of the three sons of the main family all have a rather charming old time-y feel to them: Rodrick, Gregory & Manny.

Then we have another character come along with the name Fregley, and another with the name Rowley.

The interesting thing about the latter name is that, true to form, I spent most of the film trying desperately to figure out what his name was. My initial thought was Raoul, but after hearing the characters say it a couple more time I thought maybe it was Rolly. 

The same could actually said be for Rodrick, because I couldn’t decide between Roger, Roderick and Roddy.


Since I have ear issues, I’m going to claim that was the reason why I struggled to make out some of the character’s names, not just because I was being a little dense 😉

This week’s picture comes courtesy of the foodhall at Westfield Stratford, which is situated a minute’s jog from the Olympic Park:


I challenge you to guess which cuisine of food they served.

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5 thoughts on “Spot of the Week: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

  1. Emily

    I promise I didn’t Google. My guess is that Rosa’s serves either Italian or… pub food? I’m thinking either beer, meat, and potatoes or tomatoes, olive oil, and garlic.


  2. I would guess Italian, Mexican or modern cafe-style … and I had to Google, and yes that would have been near the bottom of my choices.


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