Sibset of the Week: The Biggs


It seems the right moment to talk about a sibset to do with the Olympics, or at least talk about a family related to a British sportsman. Given the news that broke yesterday, Paula Radcliffe would be the obvious choice after she pulled out of the marathon due to injury, but we’ve already covered the names of her children previously.

So we’re onto my second brainwave: Sally Gunnell. She’s was the British athlete of the early 90s, who at one point in time held the European, Commonwealth, Olympic, World 400m title. It was in September 1997 that she retired from sport and has since taken up a sports punditry role with the BBC on and off.

With hubbie Jonathan Bigg, she has 3 sons:


Luca Red


All mostly typical modern names for the modern Brit baby, the names ranked thusly in England&Wales in 2010: Finley at #35; Luca at #70; Marley at #160.

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One thought on “Sibset of the Week: The Biggs

  1. They are all typically British popular names, but they’re a nice set and well matched. I wonder if someone from across the Pond would see them as feminine names?


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