Sibset of the Week: The Mitchells

Kenan&Kel title card, from

You’d think with the Olympics kicking off on Friday that we’d be covering the names of children of famed sporting stars. Not so. I’m not going to promise for a minute that this blog will remain an Olympics-free zone, but I don’t plan on going OTT with the sports theme.

This week instead marks a return to form for our globetrotting Sibset posts. We’ve visited Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, the States and Wales in the past few weeks, and this week we’re back in the US of A with an actor/comedian and his two children.

Kel Mitchell is perhaps best known for his work with Nickelodeon and Disney, being an original member of the Nick show All That. With Kenan Thompson he had a series called Kenan&Kel from 1996-2000. Both auditioned for Saturday Night Live, but Kenan got the part.

Kel has a son and a daughter with former partner Tyisha, and both have rather interesting names:



Whilst I’ve seen the name Lyric used before, this is the first time I’ve come across someone using the name Allure. I wonder whether this should be classed with Elisabeth’s Sexy Names category, but then again I’m not so sure. It’s surprising that it’s not so popular as a word name since it does have a nice sound to her.

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One thought on “Sibset of the Week: The Mitchells

  1. Really? Hmm…Allure is rather interesting and I quite like Lyric for a boy.


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