Inspiration to this post, Pasha Kovalev is the one with the map at the front. Taken from the Strictly professionals’ Halloween-themed dance

I talked a lot about girl names last week, and it’s nice to look at a male name instead. When I started to ponder on what name to cover, the answer came remarkably easily to me. It seemed too good to be true, but it is.

The name is Pasha, inspired by the dancer Pasha Kovalev. You see, I seem to be spending the majority of my spare time these days rewatching last year’s Strictly Come Dancing, where Pasha was paired with Chelsee and they came an impressive second – especially when you consider that it was Pasha’s first series as part of the Strictly crew. For the US readers, turns out Pasha competed in the 3rd season of So You Think You Can Dance.

Govenors of provinces in Turkey took Pasha as a title during the Ottoman Empire, but there’s more to the name than that.

Infact, you could see the name Pasha as a brother to Sasha since both started off life as Russian nicknames to male names. In Sasha’s case, he comes from Alexander, whereas Pasha comes from Pavel. 

The name Pavel is the Russian form of the name Paul, which derives from Latin and means small. But, like plenty of other nicknames out there, there are plenty of other options of names (both male and female) you could pull the nickname Pasha from (given a creative licence with maybe a few), should Pavel not be your thing for whatever reason:

  • Paraskevi, friday/ preparation (Greek)
  • Pareesa, fairy face (Persian)
  • Parsifal, variation of Percival
  • Parthenos, maiden (Greek)
  • Pasca, feminine form of Pascoe
  • Pascal, easter (Latin)
  • Pascoe, easter (English)
  • Pasiphae, light for all (Greek)
  • Pasithea, Goddess for all (Greek)
  • Passiflora, passionflower (Latin)

Then again, one could just simply use the name Pasha as he is, and it seems some do. In 2010, the name Pasha was given to a grand total of 3 boys in England&Wales, compared to the 10 who were given the name Sasha. As for the girls, Pasha doesn’t rank but, predictably, Sasha does at #204.

I think that if we can embrace the name Sasha, albeit more as a girls name than a boys name these days, then there’s no reason why we can’t embrace Pasha. 

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4 thoughts on “Pasha

  1. Pasha has always been a name I’ve really liked but could never see myself using. I think it may have something to do with the fact that I associate the name Pasha with cats. Still, it’s a very nice name, and one I would love to see be used more often.


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