Celebrating a Victory?

Ever found yourself cursing J K Rowling for using the name Bellatrix for her evil character in the Harry Potter series of books? Well, there may be hope. Indeed, ever found yourself furious with the sudden trendiness of the name Beatrix? This name may appeal to you too.

As many of you may know, the name Bellatrix has Latin roots and means female warrior; a fine & dandy meaning if I do say so myself. Well, as for Victrix, something pretty similar can be said – she comes from Latin and means female victor.

The name has links to Roman Mythology, where Victrix was an epithet of Venus. One could find a shrine to Venus Victrix on the Capitoline Hill in Rome, and her festivals were on the 12th August and 9th October.

The epithet is somewhat drawn from an aspect of the armed Aphrodite from Greek mythology, which the Greeks themselves took from the East where the goddess Ishtar was seen as a goddess of war, amongst other things, in Assyrian and Babylonian mythologies.

Also, there was legionary fortress in Roman Empire times called Deva Victrix, built in the 70sAD – which went on to become Chester in the county of Cheshire in modern day England. Usually, the area was known simply as Deva.

The fact that the fortress was much bigger than existing ones in England at the time, there is speculation that the Romans were planning on using it as a base for an invasion of Ireland, or as the capital. The Deva part of the name likely came from the nearby River Dee, which was named for a Celtic goddess. The Victrix part of the name came from Legio XX Valeria Victrix who were based as the fort.

As if that isn’t enough, Victrix is the name of a genus of moth. Also, to tie in with the upcoming Olympic Games, Victor Ludorum is Latin for the winner of the games. This usually transpires as a trophy, which is presented to the most successful team, club or competitor at a sports event. Traditional at British sports days, and common at rowing regattas, it is usually presented to the athlete or competitor who has won the most events or who has accumulated the most points through competing in many events. The link to Victrix is that the female equivalent is Victrix Ludorum.

So, what you get with the name Victrix is a quirky name with deep, historical ties, suitable for a lover of the Roman era or simply a lover of the name Beatrix who can’t face what seems like the impending boom of babies named Beatrix.

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3 thoughts on “Victrix

  1. Awkward Turtle

    Very interesting. I don’t like the nickname Vicky, but I guess Russian form Vika could be stolen.


  2. Fascinating choice of name to cover and very original way to use the fashionable X. I think I prefer VIxi as the nickname.


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