Spot of the Week: Athletics

I’ve been glued to the European Athletics Championship in Helsinki this weekend, and the fascinating names were plentiful. One that stood out to me was that of British Long Jumper JJ Jegede, who clearly likes the alliteration in his name. Despite Google’s best efforts, I’m still not certain what the letters JJ stand for, but there’s another JJ is the world of British sport, this time coming from my own part of the world: Jermaine Jenas. He’s represented England at international footballing level but apparently his Dad changed the spelling of their surname via deed poll from Genas to Jenas to get the initials DJ.

Another British athlete is Goldie Sayers, who throws the javelin. I remember wondering how fitting her name was, until researching it and realising that Goldie was originally called Katherine Dinah, until she too changed her name via deed poll to Goldie when she was in her late teens. Still, Dinah is a quirky enough name. Ever read the Demon Headmaster series of books by Gillian Cross? The main female character is called Dinah, and her brothers were called Lloyd and Harvey.

Oh, and this is one for those who didn’t catch my tweet earlier on this week:

I’ve mentioned Gem 106 before when I covered the name Gem, and frankly, this advert made me smile broadly. As for the name, many are talking about Gemma on Formspring these days, so the future looks interesting.

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One thought on “Spot of the Week: Athletics

  1. Awkward Turtle

    The Demon Headmaster! I remember Ingrid.


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