Sibset of the Week: The Larensdaughters

The Princess Academy, from

One of the books which sparked a deep interest in names for me was written by Shannon Hale and entitled, The Princess Academy. If the author sounds familiar, then it may interest you to know the names of her children have been previously mentioned in this feature.

Another author, Blue Balliett, once said that interesting character names a fun for the readership, which is to say, the 9-16 market. I wholeheartedly agree – I thought the character names in Chasing Vermeer rocked. I love the book, it introduced me to the name Calder and made me change my opinion on Petra. The same can be said for Hale’s effort, I love the name Enna which she used for another piece of work, yet oddly, hate my middle name of Emma. For this post, we’re talking Princess Academy, and we’re looking a one particular sister-set in this post, that of the main character and her sister:



For what I can see, Miri is just Miri, not Miriam who prefers to go by Miri. I’ve had a real epiphany about the name Miriam lately, she rules! Since reading this book, I’ve nursed a liking for Miri, but the liking for Miriam is new.

That aside, I’m interested in opinions on Marda – we have a word in my area, mardy which loosely means moody, and thus automatically rules any thought of the name out for me. She reminds me of Martha, but what do you think?

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One thought on “Sibset of the Week: The Larensdaughters

  1. Marda sounds to me like someone saying Martha (or mother) with a drawl, and also reminds me of Mardi Gras (which here is gay rather than Catholic).

    I do know of women named Mardie, and like you, it reminds me of the dialect word mardy, so it struck me as a bit odd.


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