Spot of the Week: Footie et al

Euros 2012 are now in full swing, what with the shock exit of Russia on Saturday and the less than shocking exit of Denmark yesterday. This is surely to follow with England inevitably bowing out following their clash with Ukraine later on this week. All this football saturation due to the Euros has me thinking about the Welsh name Euros. I first came across courtesy of Euros Lyn, who directed several Doctor Who episodes. Turns out, the name means gold.

Oh, and I’ve been taking exams recently, hence why this wasn’t posted on time; I was too busy panicking about my impending doom. Well, that’s a bit melodramatic but for what it’s worth one of the exam invigilators was called Maura. Then there was another one called Wenda. Wenda! 

To end, am I the last to know that the youngest survivor of the Titanic tragedy was known as Millvina??

From the Museum of Liverpool

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One thought on “Spot of the Week: Footie et al

  1. With the rise of Millie and Milla, and the fashion for the V sound a la Olivia, Millvina seems surprisingly usable!

    I’m not sure how they got Millvina from Elizabeth and Gladys though ….


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