The Florence Theory: Emeli

Emeli Sandé single cover for Next To Me, from poponandon

When the 2010 data for England &Wales was released, there was quite a bit of chatter about one of the fastest rising female names: Florence. She moved up 26 places from 2009 to 2010, and has risen a total of 109 places since 2000.

Her success has been attributed to Florence + The Machine, a popular British band fronted by Florence Welch.  Now, here’s a quick, fun tidbit for you: one of Florence’s middles names is Leontine.

But we’re not here to talk about the name Florence, we’re here to talk about other names with a strong link to a currently popular artist in the British music scene which have a chance of rising in the charts as a result.

For me, there was only one place I could start: Emeli Sandé.

She has been a constant presence in the UK Singles chart since her album Our Version Of Events was released back in February 2012, well perhaps even before then as her début single, Heavens, came out in August 2011. The singer herself comes from Scotland, with a Zambian father and an English mother.

This name is indeed said the same as Emily, and the reason I’ve picked this out as being a top contender for rising in the charts is simple: Emeli does not rank, so she can only really go up; the slightly different Emelia currently ranks at #308. Since her first single from the album was released in August 2011, there’s every chance that Emeli will make her début on the upcoming 2011 list, which should in theory be released sometime this August. In theory.

Now, some of you may be thinking that the really obvious place to start would’ve been with the global superstar that is Adele. I agree, but that would’ve been too obvious for me and frankly, a little repetitive with what other have written. There’s also actually another very good reason why Adele has been overlooked.

You see,  you may not know this, but Emeli Sandé’s full name is Adele Emeli Sandé. Why yes, there are two successful British soul/pop artists with the first name Adele, who were born within a year and a bit of each other (Adele is May ’88, Emeli is March ’87) currently popular here in the UK.  Emeli herself has commented on the ridiculous coincidence:

I changed it as soon as Adele came out. I just thought, ‘You’ve kind of taken the [name] now’, so I went with my middle name. She was just getting bigger and bigger, so I thought I just really need it.

A note on the spelling of her name, Emelie is the legit Swedish form of the name, and it’s only a slight variant of that. Infact, the male version of the name is Emil, and one of his Finnish forms is the remarkably similar Eemeli. The name with whatever spelling you choose to use means rival.

A comment on using this spelling from me would be this: if you do feel, for whatever reason, a need to name your daughter after the singer, then what the heck, spell her name Emeli, not Emily. Especially so if you intend on it being a middle name, as I do believe pretty much anything goes in the middle spot really. I do personally think that the spelling is reasonably pretty, and the argument that  the name wouldn’t be suitable for a doctor is kind of invalidated by the fact that Emeli Sandé pursued a degree in medecine, albeit as an Adele. 

Here’s a link to Emeli Sandé single, Next To Me, if you want to hear more.

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2 thoughts on “The Florence Theory: Emeli

  1. My sister is an Adele and she has actually met another. It is amazing how many people you meet with uncommon names.


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