Sibset of the Week: The Dents & Turners

Susie Dent & Nick Hewer in front of the famed Countdown clock

My new obsession? Countdown. It’s become quite the teatime addiction for me. what is Countdown I hear you cry? It’s a gameshow of words and numbers, first airing in 1982 and has gone on to become one of the longest-running gameshows in the world.

The letters round involved trying to make the longest word possible from a random selection of 9 letters; the numbers round involves trying to reach a number target using six random numbers. I’m terrible at the letters round, but have yet to fail at a numbers round.

Today’s mother is Susie Dent, the primary resident of Dictionary Corner who made her début on the show in 1992. During the letters rounds she sits with a massive dictionary in order to verify words (should it need to be) and contribute her own suggestions of words missed by the contestants.

With her husband Paul, she has two lovely named daughters, both of whom were born sometime in the noughties:



It’s kind of an example of when a popular name and a not-so-popular name actually kinda work well together. Thea ranks at #256, compared to Lucy’s ranking of #21, in 2010 for England&Wales.

Speaking of  TV personalities, I suppose now is a great time to finally mention Lowri Turner. I’ve wanted to mention the name of her kids for simply ages, but have never really gotten around to it.

Lowri is a journalist-come-Tv presenter. She’s one controversial cookie, specifically in the realm of journalistic pieces she has penned. These days it seems she’s switched to the world of food nutrition come hypnotherapist.

That aside, the names she has picked for her children merit some interest. Her sons are with ex-husband Paul Connew, and her daughter is with now ex-husband Nicol Batra, who is Indian in origin.

Merlin, 2000

Griffin, 2003

Ariel, 2007

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