Friday Conundrum: Unisex Names

I despair

Unisex names are on the rise, and I’ve been on the receiving end of the issue myself.

Picture the scene:

There I was, innocently helping Santa give out presents to young children, and lo and behold a child with long blonde hair stepped forward, and told Santa that their name was Sam. It was by pure chance that Sam got the right gender present because I was at a loss. Yes, Sam is technically boys name, but it’s also a popular short form of Samantha, a girls name. Then along came another girl with shoulder length brown hair and the name Jimmy. I almost threw my hands up in despair.

Thus, I challenge you to my Friday conundrum, listed below are 14 names: 7 ranked higher for the girls in 2010 in England&Wales; and vice versa for the other 7. Can you guess correctly?

1. Ashley

2. Beaux

3. Bobbi

4. Brook

5. Harper

6. Laurie

7. London

8. Lou

9. Mackenzie

10. Morgan

11. Reese

12. Skyler

13. Storm

14. Tristyn

I’ll be honest, some surprised me when researching this post, and ye who cheat make bunnies cry.

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9 thoughts on “Friday Conundrum: Unisex Names

  1. Gwen

    Urgh, hard! Boys: Bobbi, Beaux, Reese, Storm, Ashley, Laurie & Tristyn Girls: Morgan, Mackenzie, Lou, London, Ashley, Brook & Harper


  2. tammylou

    Boys: Skyler, Brook, London, Storm, Mackenzie, Laurie, Morgan. Girls: Bobbi, Beaux, Reese, Tristyn, Lou, Harper, Ashley.


  3. I always do dreadfully on these things … and no way to cheat that I know of!

    Girls: Beaux, Bobbi, Harper, London, Mackenzie, Skyler, Tristyn

    Boys: Ashley, Brook, Laurie, Lou, Morgan, Reese, Storm


  4. Awkward Turtle

    Oh no, not BUNNIES!

    More girls: Bobbi, Lou, Ashley, Harper, Tristyn, Brook, London

    More boys: Mackenzie, Morgan, Reese, Skyler, Beaux, Laurie, Storm


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