Formspring Initials Bandwagon

This is the best I can come up with to illustrate ‘following the crowd’, snapped by me in London, 2009.

I joined Formspring as a spur of the moment decision, and I’m starting to come around to seeing it as a shrewd move, as it inspired today’s post.

There’s been a particular question circling off later which goes along these lines:

Name a boy and girl using my initials [XYZ]

Well, plenty have asked, and plenty more have replied. So many that it has thrown up a glorious selection of names that I just had to collect together as a single post. I’ve also managed to sneak a few of my own suggestions into this list as well (2 boys&2girls), because I like to think they were good calls, of sorts. Feel free to guess as you read down, although I’ve identified them right at the bottom for the curious.


Abel Ronan Elias

Abraham Gabriel Jacob Henry

Adam Richard Edward

Archer Gideon Jace

Arthur Elias William

Ashton Gavriel Jackson Hendrix

Austin Ray Emec

Avery Ephraim Wolfegang

Basil Stanley

Beau Sullivan

Beckett Samuel

Benedict Steffan

Bentley Soren

Bernard Stanley Wren

Blair Sterling

Boston Shea

Brice Sebastian Wyatt

Caledon Maxwell Tennyson

Casper Matthias Theo

Cedric Maxwell

Charles Montgomery Ty

Charleston Maxwell Thomas

Chord Michael Tatum

Cormac Murray Tennyson

Edmund Elijah Everett

George Maxwell Jasper Milo

Grant Mitchell Joaquin Miles

Griffin Milo Jensen Marcello

Gunnar Maxwell Jackson Milo

Kai Madden

Kallon Benjamin Micah

Kaspian Blue Marshall

Keir Charles Calum

Kellan Blaise Mitchell

Kellan Maximus Whit

Kenneth Charles Cedric

Killian Chord Christian

Klaus Charles Cooper

Kyo Matthias Wolfgang

Landon Elijah Gabriel Seth

Leander Ezekiel Gray

Luca Ephraim Gentry Solomon

Nash Kingston

Nate Kassian

Nathan Keaton

Neil Kendrick

Noah Killian

Nolan Keir

Sage Lincoln Reid

Samuel Luca Rowan

Sawyer Liam River

Seamus Leopold Ruairidh

Severus Lucian Ryker

Silas Lachlan Ronan

Silas Leonardo Rhett

Soren Levi Richard

Storm Leonardo Raphael

Tiernan Elijah Leonardo Emmett


Ada Rosalind Elle

Agatha Genevieve Juliette Helena

Ailsa Emmeline Willow

Alessandra Guinevere Jasmine Hazel

Andrea Ruby Evana

Arabella Elisabeth Winter

Astrid Elvira Waverly

Aura Eilys Willa

Aura Genevieve Jacqueline Harlow

Aurelia Grey Juliette

Bastienne Simone Willow

Beatrice Selina

Bernadette Sasha Willa

Betony Savannah Winter

Betrys Suki

Bianca Sadie

Briar Scotia Willow

Bridget Seraphina

Britton Scarlett

Bronagh Saskia Winter

Calico Matilda Teague

Calista Miri Taryn

Camilla Maggie Talullah

Cara Madeleine Tate

Cara Marianna Theodora

Carlotta Molly Tiana

Cecelia May Theresa

Cecily Mabel

Clara Marie Tatiana

Clara Matilda Tamsin

Emmeline Eugenie Ever

Gabrielle Marina Jewel Mathilde

Gemma Margaret Jane

Georgiana Marie Josephine Millicent

Gina Marie Josie

Grace Matilda Juno Maya

Grace Megaera Jewel Meredith

Graciela Marie Josephine Madison

Gweneth Miriam June

Kacey Coralie Crimson

Kaia Bailey Margaret

Kaia Charlotte Cordelia

Kaia May Winry

Kallista Maximilienne Wren

Kateri Magdalene

Kendall Blue Madelyn

Kerensa Charlotte Celine

Keturah Capri Cohen

Kira Millicent

Kitana Madeleine

Kora Blythe Madeleine

Kyra Marie

Lilla Evangeline Grace

Luna Evangeline Genevieve Scarlett

Lux Emery Georgiana Sheridan

Nadia Katherine

Nerissa Kaye

Noelle Katia

Noemi Kate

Nora Corinne

Nora Katya

Normandie Kallista

Novalie Kate

Sabine Linnea Ruth

Sadie Lillian Rosalie

Sarah Lillian Rue ‘Sadie’

Sally Lorelei Rose

Sabella Luna Rose

Scarlett Linnea Rosemary

Scarlett Lucille Ruby

Serena Lillian Rose

Seraphina Lily Rosa

Sienna Lily Reagan

Sophia Lillian Ramona

Stella Lillian Rosalie

Stella Lucille Rai

Tatiana Ever Lucy Ella

Tempest Eilidh Livia Eloise

Any favourites?

My contributions:

Bernard Stanley Wren, Nate Kassian, Betrys Suki and Kora Blythe Madeleine

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2 thoughts on “Formspring Initials Bandwagon

  1. Tammylou

    Emmeline Eugenie Ever
    Kallista Maximilienne Wren


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