Have you ever had that feeling about a name wherein you’ve always felt like you would use it, but could never quite put your finger on why? For me, that name is Lola. It’s not a name without controversy, but it’s always been one name I’ve really liked for no particular reason. That said, my favourite non-English speaking film? Lola Rennt (currently on in the background). My favourite non-English song? Lola by Superbus. Both I have made mention of before in previous posts. It’s mostly because of a book that Lola is considered a slightly controversial choice, given the book Lolita by Nabakov. That said, there is one memorable quote from the book about her name:

She was Lo, plain Lo, in the morning, standing four feet ten in one sock. She was Lola in slacks, she was Dolly at school. She was Dolores on the dotted line. But in my arms she was always – Lolita.

Indeed, one cold claim that the film and the song I mention above aren’t much better either, especially since in the aforementioned film Lola robs a bank at gunpoint in one of the scenarios. But then we have the immensely cute Lola from the Charlie and Lola series/books by Lauren Child to deal with, and thus the cycle of uncertainty continues.

There are a few interesting examples of Lola smooshi names in the England&Wales data (reminding ourselves that Lola ranks at #33):

Damilola – 5 births

Ololade – 3 births

Olutomilola – 3 births

Oluwadamilola – 13 births

Oluwatamilola – 4 births

Temiloluwa – 10 births

As a name herself, Lola is a short form of Dolores, a name that means sorrows.

Some say that Lola is a name suited to modern tastes, indeed, there are plenty of o-a names which are popular theses days (i.e. Top 1000), be they ora names…

Aurora, #549

Cora, #438

Coral, #930

Deborah, #613

Flora, #409

Nora, #695

Soraya, #655

… or ona names

Fiona, #499

Iona, #376

Leona, #380

Finally, I know some people prefer to see Lola used as she was intended, i.e. as a nickname. Aside from Dolores, there are a couple of other options out there, should you not like the name Dolores:









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3 thoughts on “Lola

  1. Hey I like the new theme!

    I completely get the appeal of Lola – she’s “cute” and yet also slightly flirtatious. I love the idea of Paloma nn Lola.


  2. I like the long forms better than Lola. I really like Dolores and Paloma. I hear Lola a lot lately. I’m reminded of a recent Swistle post from a Mother who wanted to use Lola on one of her twins but her friend who lived thousands of miles away already used it and didn’t want a friend “stealing” her name. My thought was the name wasn’t worth fighting over.

    My lukewarm feelings towards Lola aren’t really because of the name. I like how Lola sounds, but at the risk of dating myself, I still think about showgirls and transvestites when I hear Lola because of two pop songs that must be 25-30 years old.

    Back when I was between 13-18 years old I was already making a mental list of baby names and considered Lola. I liked it but felt weird about it. All I heard was “Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl” and “Lola, la, la, la, la Lola, la, la, la, la. Lola.” But obviously other people have gotten over those associations the same was I’ve completely disassociated Felix and Sylvester from the cats so maybe I will come around.


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