Sibset of the Week: The Durrs

from hello magazine

Sometimes, the Daily Mail has its uses. I would never have considered covering this family in this feature had I not caught sight of an article about them only today. The process of selecting families in which to feature isn’t a particularly scientific one: British families are preferable, although it’s fun to occasionally cover families from other parts of the world, and I do try to enforce a bit of bias into families with more notable or even wacky names. Usually, I simply stumble across the family whilst googling a multitude of things in order to achieve a lifetime’s dream of knowing more pub quiz answers than my Grandfather – a pursuit which has become increasingly more difficult now that he writes them.

Jason Durr is an actor, best known for his role in Heartbeat. The last time I saw him on the little screen was when I watched Midsomer Murders ’round at my Grandma’s home, when he played a character named Luke Archbold. Even typing the name wants me to say it à la Archibald, a name I’m slowing starting to nurse a liking for.

He has three children, the youngest two being twins:




My sister went to primary school with a girl named Blossom, whilst she was also my least favourite member of The Powerpuff Girls. However, the name itself isn’t stylistically different to Daisy or Poppy, and both of those names are in the Top 100. Jamie Oliver has, naturally, used all three names – one for each daughter (Blossom is one of Petal’s middle names). And as for Velvet…woah! At first I wondered as to whether her name was actually Violet and it has been mistranscribed or something, but it appears to be the case that she is infact called Velvet.

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4 thoughts on “Sibset of the Week: The Durrs

  1. Awkward Turtle

    Velvet is a bit…mm…y’know.


  2. Wow! Blossom and Felix are names I love to see people use. I think Velvet works well with the set as well.


  3. Sebastiane

    I think its a cool sibset.


  4. I’m loving this one … I actually adore the names Blossom and Felix, and although Velvet is a little out there, it’s pretty and a great match with her siblings.


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