Spot of the Week: Eurovision

Did you see who won Eurovision? It was Sweden’s entry, a young lass named Loreen. Now, here’s what I found fascinating: Loreen is her stage name, whilst her real name is Lorine. I’m guessing she altered the spelling to avoid potential pronunciation issues, much like Mika was originally Mica. You know the other thing that had me humming? Euphoria, the title of her winning song. What with Euphemia and co. getting interest, I can’t help but think that Euphoria would make for a quirky middle name.

Aside from Eurovision, I went to see Men in Black 3 on Saturday night. The thing to note? There’s a character in the new film called Griffin, often referred to in the film as Griff. I really liked the character, and my sister, naturally, hated him.

Going back to Eurovision ever so briefly (I’m currently mapping out other Eurovision-related posts as we speak so expect even more on this subject), I just couldn’t NOT mention this guy, of whom those who either couldn’t bear to watch the frankly corrupt voting, or had simply gone to bed may have missed in the festivities:

He was the spokesperson for Finland’s results, and he won Eurovision himself in 2006. Known mostly by his stage name Mr. Lordi, his actual name is Tomi Petteri. All of a sudden, the name Tommy no longer seems infantile…

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