Spot of the Week: Europe

Europe is firmly becoming a huge source of inspirations for these posts, and it’s at is again – and probably next week too given next weekend is brimming with Eurovision (there’s a great post over at Ich und Die Namen on the subject) and Monaco Grand Prix Fun. This weekend? It was the Champions League final and Chelsea won for the first time.

Chelsea is a popular girls name here in the UK, at #220 in England&Wales in 2010 (she ranked at #38 in 1994), and there’s also a fabulous dude-name-blogger named Chelsea over at The Name Agender.

One of the key players in securing Chelsea’s win was Didier Drogba, but it’s not his name I want to mention; it’s that I recently came across a Didier/Dieudonne brother pairing at the bus stop.

Then we have this week’s picture, which concerns the fact that I recently discovered that one of my friend’s has named her car:

Dorris? That was unexpected. I remember that I once had a RE teacher who owned a Volvo named Florence back in the 80s, way before she hit the Top 100, but I can’t seem to recall many other named cars.

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2 thoughts on “Spot of the Week: Europe

  1. My favourite part of that picture is the ‘bus w’nkers’ sticker. That was one of the best Inbetweeners episode.


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